Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Walked Where Jesus Walked ~

Sometimes, I find life to be very hard. Sometimes, I don't feel the spirit in my life. Sometimes, I don't feel like being happy. Sometimes, I don't feel great joy in my assignments. Sometimes, I don't feel good at all about the way I am even thinking. When I feel like this; I really don't want to pray, read scriptures, do service or other important things that I know would help me to feel better. Sometimes, I just want to not think of all the things I should be doing or that I am not doing at all. Sometimes, I am just too tired to care.
I do know that if I pray, read the scriptures, attend my meetings, or do my callings that I will feel better; but sometimes I don't want to do that either.
Luckily for me; these moments usually don't last very long. Usually, I have a sweet angel friend call to uplift me, or I read a blog post that changes my thoughts, or a good friend comes for a visit or my dearest sweetheart captures me with a kiss in the hallway. 
Recently, I was having one of these attitude moments and I diffidently needed what I call an attitude adjustment. There was just too much going on in my life, too many things to do, too many thoughts to think about and too many projects looming in the distance.
However,there was one thing that I couldn't get out of and that was my early morning temple assignment.
The minute I stepped into the temple that day, I was filled with the peace I was seeking. It was early in the morning and a beautiful one at that and it just felt so good to be home in my Heavenly Father's house. In that moment of time, I knew I was His daughter and that He loves me with an infinite love even in my bad moments. I felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around me. I felt the love of the Savior as I met with my fellow sisters in a preparation meeting for the day.

The the following quote from the dedicatory prayer given by the Prophet Joseph Smith found in D&C 109: 12-13. 
"That thy glory may rest down upon thy people, and upon this thy house...that it may be sanctified and consecrated to be holy, and that thy holy presence may be continually in this house; And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold of the Lord's house may feel thy power, and feel constrained to acknowledge that thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thy house, a place of thy holiness."
The Kirkland Temple dedicated in March of 1836
The Prophet Joseph Smith dedicated the Kirkland temple and
a short time after this the saints were driven from Ohio.

I Walked Where Jesus Walked ~ by Carma Salveson
If I could go to Galilee and walk where Jesus walked and sit in tender grasses on the hillside where he taught.
If I could feel a gentle breeze that lifted from the sea where he chose the humble fishermen, how full my heart could be.
If I could sit and ponder on a rock that knew his hand, or walk along the seashore where his feet had touched the sand.
My spirit yearns within me, but it doesn't seem my fate, I'll never walk where Jesus walked, I'll never see......but wait,
I've worshipped in His temple where I know He's walked before.
Have His feet been down this hallway?
Have His fingers touched this door?
Has He stood here in this very room and looked at what I see?
I close my eyes and picture Him, my worries melt away.
I don't need to go to Galilee or travel far away.
For my tender heart is filled with what He wants me to be taught.
And my testimony burns within...I've walked where Jesus walked.

With all my heart I know that the Temple Is The House of The Lord. I know that when I am in the temple I am protected from the world and worldly cares. I can go and feel the peace flow into me and receive the Living Waters that I seek.

A Side Note~
Kansas City Temple
The Open house for the Kansas City Temple is being held now. My daughter and two of my grand daughters will be serving as hosts for the open house.
Las Vegas Nevada Temple
We were hosts during the temple open house of the Las Vegas Nevada Temple in 1989.
I am going to Las Vegas this weekend to attend the sealing of my great Niece to her husband and children.
We loved going to the Las Vegas Nevada Temple and I am excited to go there to be with family and feel the spirit within those sacred walls.


Denise said...


Dolly said...

Wow! You certainly got my attention with your words of dismay:) I feel the very same way at times...and go to the temple for my attitude adjustment also. My hubby is renovating the SLC temple right this minute, and it was a real blessing to walk up and down the granite staircases a few weeks ago with him. I look forward to your next post-thanks for your thoughts.

Marie said...

I love the Temple and always feel uplifted when I am able to visit it. Ours is quite a distance from us and we don't get to go as often as we would like to. I wish that we could afford to go more often. Another beautiful post Leann! xxoo

Christy Monson said...

I'm going to the temple today for my attitude adjustment. I think we all feel that way sometimes. I know I do--and the temple is the solution!

Thanks for the beautiful post. Christy

Sue said...

The temple is a peaceful place, but it isn't always easy for me to get there.

I'm always glad once I do.

Thanks for the reminder.


Diane said...

The Temple does make everything better. Thank you for the reminder.

Mom of 12 said...

I think we all get discouraged sometimes. I had one of those this morning. I'm so grateful that I have the gospel in my life! It really does make those moments fewer and easier to handle. Hope you had a happy Easter!

singing/granny said...

I have felt the same! The temple is definitely the house of the Lord. Blessings and good wishes to you!!! Melody

Galen Pearl said...

I feel that way sometimes, too. How wonderful that you have a place to go to where you can always find the peace of God.

The Adventurer said...

Have a wonderful trip to Las Vegas, I have never been there. Everyone has those day when it all seems too much so glad you have a place to go to find the peace again:) We currently do not have a home church in England (not many Lutheran churches here so I haven't got that special place. I will get it again when we return home. Praying for you:)

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Hey there. Sometimes being in God's house is all that we need isn't it? Maybe that is all the JOY we really need to really appreciate all the other joyful things in our life.

Trina said...

What a beautiful post. I've definitely felt that way, and I've also had wonderful experiences in the temple that have helped me feel the love my Heavenly Father feels for me...one in particular is sacred to me.
I've had a thought, probably no big deal but I think some things mean more to us than others. The temple is sanctified to the Lord, for us. We go there and are further on our own road to sanctification to/for the Lord and for us.
Thanks for the post.

Darlene said...

I too have felt those terrible feelings from time to time and they ARE really bad. How I would have loved to just go to the Temple and just sit in the Celestial Room to feel that glorious peace in my heart, but I can't always go when I am feeling so terrible. Even when I go in my wheel chair and so many attend me in getting dressed, I am still so exhausted when I get home, it takes me sometimes a week just to get over that. Fortunately, those times have been few. We also have quite a trip to get to our Temple as we have to go to the Redlands Temple and it takes us about an hour and fifteen minutes to drive there. When I do go though, I love it so much.

I always enjoy your posts, LeAnn. they do have a way of uplifting me. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Las Vegas Temple.

Hope too that you enjoyed Easter. I didn't even get to church as I have been so very sick with a bad bronchitis. I am still in the recovering stage and it is taking too long. To make matters worse, I was alone all day as Dick was at the church until late in the afternoon. I think I got to feeling a little sorry for myself as I truly do enjoy Easter Sunday, in fact I look forward to it.


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