Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines To My Love~ Our Love Story

My girl friend Judy and I grabbed a bus to West High School where we would be starting our sophomore year in the fall. It was lovely summer day. We located the oldest building on the Campus; which was once the University of Deseret and eventually became the University of Utah.  We quickly found our Driver's Training  room and slipped into two seats on the second row. As I surveyed the room; I noted a very handsome young man just a few rows back. I smiled at him and felt my heart skip a beat. 

Regretfully, we didn't get assigned to the same car; which may have been a blessing in disguise. Each day we would talk for a few moments. I felt rather shy around him. At the time I had another boyfriend; but this young man really caught my attention. I did have one memorable driving experience with him. I had a make-up driving class and he was in the car. I was so nervous that I couldn't  do the parallel parking maneuver. I always have had a hard time doing this maneuver and I barely passed it on my test. Now my dear husband has a slightly different version of how we first met; but I am staying loyal to my own memory.
 Later on that summer he asked me out and how dumb of me to not accept the date. I guess I was just to loyal to the other boyfriend at that time. Our Sophomore year I didn't see him much but when I did; I still felt something churn inside of me.
Finally, our Junior year I had just barely broken up with a guy and was still feeling sad about it. I attended a dance at our church a few days before Halloween. One of the young men from our ward brought him to the dance. I remember him sitting on the stage looking very handsome in a black and yellow sweater. I danced with his friend; but he didn't even ask me to dance. However, I caught him watching me and my heart beat faster and I knew I liked him. We saw each other here and there and finally on November 17th; he and a friend gave me a ride home from a Church Basketball game, and he asked me out on a date. This first date was to the movie, "The Longest Day". I didn't want this long day to end. He held my hand and I thought I was in Heaven. He was very polite, a little shy and didn't try to kiss me which was very good. I liked that he wasn't too aggressive. On November 20th, my birthday he and his friend came over to see me. We went for a ride and he gave me a very beautiful pearl bracelet. I was smitten for sure.
 For our Junior and Senior year we dated almost exclusive; except for a few dates with others to keep our parents from thinking we were getting too serious. We bought a car together during the last few months of our Senior year. He kept the car at his home. We went to the University of Utah to school and then in March of that year he left to serve a two year mission for our church in Northern California. While he was gone I worked on my nursing degree.
When he returned home and came over to see me; every feeling we had for one another was there. The best was yet to come.
The Story of our Engagement.
Within a few days of him coming home; we both felt very much in love with one another. However, one day he told me that his mother had been encouraging him to date a few other girls. I reminded him that if he did that; I would be dating other guys too. I was pretty upset about it all. He also told me that he was going to talk with his older siblings about us. He didn't fully explain why.  I didn't really understand what he was saying and was a little afraid of asking why. I just took it as a negative. When he took me home after this conversation; I was devastated. I told my parents and then I cried and prayed all night. They were both worried about me.The next day he was going to pick me up after my shift as a student nurse at the hospital. I went to work that day with a heavy heart. I prayed mightily during that day.
I changed my clothes in the locker room after work and then waited for him to pick me up. He didn't come for me instead he sent his brother to get me. This also disturbing to me. His brother told me that he couldn't get out off work early enough to pick me up. We were going to a wedding reception that night for a dear friend of mine. When his brother and I arrived at his house; we quickly left for the reception. While we were driving I did not sit close by him. He told me that he had talked with his oldest sister and that she really liked me. He finally coached me over and gave me a quick hug and kiss. We went to the reception, danced a few dances and then left. He invited me to go to work with him. He had  a second night job cleaning a couple of floors of a bank building. When we arrived at his work he had me sit in the lobby. I spent the time reading some magazines.  After a couple of hours he came back and asked if I had any thoughts as to where we might go and just talk for a while. I said no; so he chose to drive up a nearby canyon. We finally pulled down into a meadow and there was a bridge going across a dry ravine. We got out of the car and walked out on the bridge and were talking about how beautiful the night was. He finally said to be "If you could have anything in this world; what would it be". I replied, " to have you". He then pulled out a ring box with a beautiful shaped Rose ring with a diamond in it and said; "will this do". I was so happy and we both cried because we had waited for so long to be together. When he took me home; we went into our home to show my parents. They were so thrilled for us; they had always loved him.
This was an engagement picture; the day after. It was General Conference Weekend and we attended it at the Tabernacle.
 We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 13th.

 One year later we drove up to the same area and went out on the Bridge to celebrate our 1st  anniversary and our Volkswagen decided to follow us down to the Bridge. No cells phones in that era; so we had to try and push it back off the bridge so we could back it out and get onto the road. We laughed a lot about that one.
The years have passed and our love keeps growing and we are welding the links of our family together forever. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we believe Families are forever. We were married and sealed to one another for eternity. I desire with all my heart and soul to be his eternal companion. Our marriage is something that we have worked hard on to one day be worthy of exaltation. This means to be worthy to live with our Heavenly Father someday.
So to my Valentine I would say; thanks you for all of the precious years we have had with one another and may this continue for forever. You are my greatest blessing. You are one of the kindest most loving man I know. I will love you forever. Thanks for being my Valentine.
I Will Love You Forever ~


Marie said...

Leanne, I loved reading this. You two were surely meant to be together. I think that when you live the Gospel and follow the commandments of God together you have a love that is sweeter and purer than it would be otherwise. The physical doesn't distract you from things which are important. Being in the Gospel and living it's standards would surely have kept me from making grave errors in judgement in my younger years. Sadly the consequences of my poor choices affect me to this day and also my children. It breaks my heart. I love you and value your friendship. I truly hope we can meet in person one day. xxoo

Christy Monson said...

What a sweet story. I send you a hug. Christy

Sue said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing it, and Happy Valentine's Day to you both.


Just Ramblin' said...

What a precious story. Isn't it amazing how we are blessed as we strive to live the gospel. You two were certainly meant to be together. Loved the early pictures of the two of you and the last one of you in the present day. It's wonderful to read a "love story" like yours. Thanks for sharing. Nola

Tracy said...

What a beautiful and sweet story! I love reading love stories and finding out how others met their spouse! I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day with your Valentine and all those you love! Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave your sweet comments! Have a blessed day! :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

A beautiful love story, LeAnn! Hope your Valentine's Day was a sweet one.

The Adventurer said...

What a great story:) I would love to hear your husband's version too;) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

Mama Rachel said...

What a sweet, lovely story! Thank you for sharing your romance with us. :-)


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