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The Simple Woman's Daybook ~

January 10th 2011
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Outside my window...the sky is gray and night is coming. I find it amazing that we haven't had a real snow storm yet for the past winter months of 2011 and the first of this New Year.
I am thinking...Wow, I can't believe I haven't written a post since January 3rd. My days have been way to busy and I need to sit back and enjoy my moments more.
I am thankful for...being safe while driving. Every time I have to go somewhere. I have a huge fear of driving on the freeway. I always plan my trips when the freeway is not too busy. When I was a hospice nurse in Las Vegas for a few years I used to drive all over the city. Even then I was nervous and held tightly on to the steering wheel. I do pray before I leave my house and that helps calm me.
From the learning rooms...This New Year I am learning many different things. #1. It is OK to still have my Christmas decorations up. I just can't find a minute to take them down. Plus my husband needs to bring the boxes up from the basement for me. I hurt my back this  November so he had to help me with the decorations. Although he works mostly from home; the first of the year is always busy for him.  I decided not to be upset that they are still up. In fact, he told me I should just leave them up for the year because no one but family comes to visit. We do have visiting and home teachers from our church come monthly and other friends once in a while, so having the decorations still up won't do.
#2. I can go a few days without reading blog posts and posting something myself. I have learned that nothing bad will happen if I don't get to read all the posts that I want too. I love blogging and I love reading posts; so this is a good step for me to not worry about it all.  
#3. I really can go to bed early and not miss a thing. #4. I can get up early and it can actually be fun. Truth is I haven't started it yet. OK, that's enough of what I have learned so far this year.
From the kitchen...left overs tonight. I love this one because I don't have to be in the kitchen longer than 5 minutes so I won't be tempted to eat chocolate. I find that when I am not cooking  I can manage not to snack. I guess this is one of the reasons I love it when my husband cooks.
I am wearing...a pair of black pajama pants, a cream colored sweater and black vest; plus, black socks and slippers. I had on black Levi's for most of the day because I was out and about. The Levi's were so tight I could hardly zip them up; I am in so much trouble. I promised myself that I would never buy the next size up in clothes and this is a pair I did buy and now they don't fit well. Oops, I have to get serious about my weight. I should have started it all on the first; but remember I chose not to have resolutions this year. Maybe that wasn't a good choice. Oh well, I won't give up!
I am creating...a big mess in my study. I have to get it cleaned up soon. I really like order; but this isn't it. There is a favorite scripture that I need to put a sticky note on my computer to remind me. Here it is: "Organize yourself: prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God." D&C 88:119
I am going...to go nuts. I seem to be going faster; but not doing as much. There is something wrong with this picture.
I am reading...the book; " In The Arms of His Love, A Guide to Growing closer to the Savior and Receiving His Unconditional Love," by Steven A. Cramer. I have been reading this for a while and find it a wonderful resource for striving to come closer to my Savior. I am almost through with it. The next book on my list is entitled:" Happy Like Jesus; Lessons From Jesus Christ On How To Live by," D. Kelly Ogden.
Of course I always have a novel to read and I will be starting the second series book; titled Light and Truth, The Nouvoo Years" by Darryl Harris. The study in our Church this year is my favorite; "The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ." I am starting this as soon as I finish reading the "Doctrine and Covenants."
I am hoping...to  start practising my piano again and I guess I need to put on paper getting my Christmas things put away.
I am hearing...my husband as he is bathing our dogs. I went in to check on them and It was so cute to see these two little dogs with their fur all wet. Suesue's eyes were so big and Sammy had his paws up on the tub and was looking worried about her.
Around the house....I am thinking about how grateful I am to have a home, heat, comfortable furniture and many more things. I have deep appreciation to my Heavenly Father for all I have. We have been richly blessed. Working as missionaries in the Inner City has caused me to be more aware of how blessed I am and how important it is to share with others that are in need.
One of my favorite things...is to read a good book and read blog posts from all the wonderful blogging friends that I have out in cyber space.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Take my Christmas decorations down and get the house in better shape. I am not ready for spring cleaning yet; but it is on my list of to do's at some moment of time. I have children and grandchildren coming from Idaho for a few days so I will prepare for that. I plan on enjoying my temple assignment this Saturday, a favorite moment for the week.  It is Stake Conference in our assigned Stake so we will be going to the adult session on Saturday night and the Stake Conference meeting Sunday morning. I am looking forward to this. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I will be sharing a post written by my daughter of a joy filled Saturday last week. I was able to attend my granddaughter Kaitlyn's baptism. My dear husband gave me the trip to Spokane for Christmas. This was a very sweet event.  


Sue said...

I read that book by Cramer many years ago, and it really made a powerful impression on me. It's a good one!


Marie said...

I've read that book too LeAnn and it's wonderful! Love the picture of your beautiful little granddaughter! What a blessing it must be to know your progeny are living lives close to the Lord. I am really excited about studying the BOM again this year. It is a book that I love more and more each time I read and study it. Have a wonderfully blessed week my friend. xxoo

Susan said...

I love your post! What a great way to keep a journal! I'm a great believer in keeping a house of order. I can feel the Spirit in my home better when I do. We Mormon women tend to be hard on ourselves trying to do it all, relax, remember we are not to run faster than we are able! You're awesome!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all of your awesome comments over the last year! XOXO - Jocelyn

Darlene said...

I have a daughter, Jayne, that lives in Salt Lake and she tells me that you need snow. My son in Lake Tahoe says he is still playing golf as they have no snow either. Imagine! Sounds like you may be in for another drought year.

I used to drive all over and never thought a minute about driving on the freeway. Then Dick bought a new car and I hate driving it. The steering wheel seems too loose for me so now I hate to drive too. The only time I ever do is when I have to go to the lab and Dick has something else he needs to do and can't take me. We only have one car now. I still have my license though.

I loved it when you said you still had your Christmas up. We have all of ours to do also. In a way, I'm not sorry as I am enjoying it. We were so busy in December that we didn't have the time to enjoy it. Now we are both sick and don't have the energy to do it, so we are just relaxing with the Christmas tree lights on. How fun is that? Maybe we'll leave it up all year.

I have enjoyed reading your blog so much this past year, LeAnn, and I do thank you for being one of my special blogging friends.

Debbie said...

this was a wonderful read for me, thanks for sharing.

kaitlyn is beautiful!!

As Sistas in Zion said...

Yes it is ok to still have your Christmas decorations up! The year has only just began and you have learned so many things! We need to get on it. Hope your back feels better soon.

singing/granny said...

Hi LeAnn! I laughed when I read about the Christmas decorations. I only got mine put away yesterday, but I think I would have kept them up a little longer if school did not start next week. I love the lights!
Your granddaughter is beautiful. And you are amazing, keeping up with so many blogs. Thank you for all of your kind comments. There are other people who read my blog, but most don't take the time to comment, and I really like reading what you have to say. Take care! Melody

Lynda said...

It is so good to hear about your days. I always long for quieter days of no homeschool. Although I'm extremely thankful for this opportunity to teach my son, it makes the long, hectic, and full.

When I read your posts it's like I can breath again. Thank you LeAnn!


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