Thursday, December 8, 2011

Texting Through Time by Christy Monson - Book Review - Plus More

Some time ago I was asked to read the book entitled; "Texting Through Time A Trek With Brigham Young" by Christy Monson and write a book review.
I thought the title was catchy and has a modern twist to it. Since I don't text and haven't wanted to learn how; I came to realize the value of texting  in our day. 
As I began reading this delightful book; I first looked to see if the book drew me into the story. I can say that it did. I couldn't stop reading it. I recognized that the book was a wonderful story for pre-teen and teenagers but I enjoyed reading it so much that I think it is a great adult read too. It would be an awesome book to read to your grandchildren. 
The plot was fun and had a great deal of adventure in it. I identified with the main characters Micah and Alicia. As a brother and sister close in age; I felt like they were typical of teenagers of yesterday and today. As a Grandmother I could just picture some of my grandchildren of this age group being just like them. There was just enough bantering between the two and yet there was a sweet bond there also.  As the story progressed they were placed into different situations back in the time of Brigham Young. In each of these moments of time they were placed in a scene that helped them learn some very important lessons in life. At the end of each adventure they would text back to their phones the journal moments of that day.
I found the end to be endearing and even brought me to tears. I enjoyed their experiences with Brigham Young an others important characters of the restoration. I smiled at their reactions to meeting the Prophet Joseph Smith and sweet beautiful Emma. While reading it, I longed to live in their era just for the privilege of shaking the hands of the Prophets and to live in their presence and understand their experiences.
At the end there were some very edifying moments with lessons learned about the temple. Children reading this book will feel the spirit and learn good lessons of life.
I plan to purchase this book for my grandchildren in hopes that they too will learn from this fun book. In fact, I think it would make a great Children's Movie.

"Do You Have Room" by Shawna Edwards~
Please enjoy this awesome Christmas Song by Shawna Edwards. It is a lovely song and is a favorite Christmas one for this year.

If you like this music you can take the challenge to share this song via FB and also go to her FB page( 16820344661-508) and like the page.
You can get a free MP3 or copy of the sheet music (link here: http//
If you would like to write a blog post or FB this video by Shawna Edwards just share this video with your favorite Christmas memory or share how you are making room for the Savior. You can also share your thoughts on her FB page.

Favorite Christmas Memory
One of my favorite Christmas Memories are the family Nativity programs that we have held each year with our children. The programs were centered around the Savior. I loved the moments when my three girls would sing the Christmas songs as solo's or trio's and the boys would play instruments. The Nativity story would be acted out with costumes. One year my husband played the part of the Donkey with long ears and he caried Mary on his back, played by my oldest daughter. We all started to laugh so hard we almost couldn't finish the play.
We have continued this tradition through the years and now my grandchildren are playing the parts.

Look forward to having another moment to listen to this wonderful song; "Do You Have Room" by Shawna Edwards.


Patty Ann said...

Love that song!! It is beautiful. And thank you so much for your comments today on my blog!

Sue said...

I've heard the song, and it's beautiful.

I love the story of your Christmas memory.

And the book sounds really cool!


Darlene said...

I so enjoyed the song by Shawna Edwards. It is really lovely and so is her voice. I plan to visit her website when I finish this.

The book "Texting Through Time" sounds very interesting too. It would make for a teenager. Most of my grandchildren are married, or getting married, or wanting to get married. I have long since given up buying them gifts. They just get money from us and they love that!

I loved reading about your tradition of acting out the nativity with your family in costume. We used to do that when the children were small and they loved dressing up. They were so serious about doing it right too. We haven't done that for a very long time. We are going to Sue's for Christmas this year and her whole family will be there plus my third daughter Nikki and her whole family will be there. There will be 20 of us there. Poor Sue will be figuring out where to sleep everyone as we will all be staying there. Doesn't that sound fun? We are really looking forward to it.

Thanks LeAnn for a great post.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Sounds like a great book! It would be so amazing to meet those men, though I'm not sure how well I'd fair living back then.

We also act out the nativity story every year. It almost always turns into a comedy. I like to think that Jesus has a sense of humor.

And such a beautiful peaceful song.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

So glad I was able to visit tonight. Your blog is always so uplifting for me.

The Adventurer said...

What a great review for the book. I will look into it :) I miss live nativity scenes we had a great one that we went to every year when we lived in the states. I haven't found one in the UK yet, but I am still looking:) Thanks you for linking up to the NOBH:)


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