Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Thanksgiving Moments ~

Brandon and Christina's Property~
Their home and property reminds me of the song: "Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmother's House We Go; except it's now the Grandparents that are visiting them.
 We traveled to Peculiar, Missouri  to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with two of our daughters' families. Of course, the dinner was scrumptious and the entertainment non stop and best of all lots of hugs, laughs, and smiles to fill a heart and home with warmth and joy. 
Here are pictures of a few of our fun moments.
Beautiful Mid-West scenery at their home ~
Frizz's Restaurant - At this eating establishment there are trains that 
run along the wall and deliver your food~ The Children of course were fascinated by the trains~


The Ginger-Bread Village

The following pictures  are of my grand daughters working on Thanksgiving Dinner. I was so impressed with all that they were doing. They have been well trained  to assist with housework and cooking. The two older girls ages 11 and 13 made homemade rolls.When raising my own children we tried to instill within both the boys and girls a strong work ethic. My own boys became great cooks and all of them learned how to clean a house and do yard work. I am deeply grateful for all of their hard work in preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. Regretfully, I didn't get to work with them due to a back problem~ I did enjoy watching and listening to their fun conversations.
Alyssa, Abbey and Emma

Sariah and Emma
Brandon, Sariah and April doing the deviled eggs

Levi trying to help
Two cousins the same age; Faith and Alyssa

 They all had fun playing the piano with the oldest cousin, Sariah~
Sariah playing her recital piece ~

 On Saturday our Grand daughter Faith was Baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Faith, newly baptized and confirmed  member of the Church~

Benjamin, Sariah, Abbey, Alyssa, Faith and April

 Christina, Brandon Sariah and April - Faith, Abbey and Levi

 Grandma LeAnn, Faith and Grandpa Roger

 Back Row - Michael, Benjamin, Jenni, Grandma, Grandpa, Brandon
Front Row - Emma, Levi, Faith, Alyssa,, Abbey, Christina, April and Sariah

 Benjamin, Jenni-Marie, Michael, Alyssa and Emma
 Faith and Christina
 Faith and Christina
 Brandon and Faith
 Levi, Emma and Faith
 Sweet cousins - Levi, Emma, Faith, Alyssa
We are so grateful to have had these precious moments with family. 
It was a very lovely Thanksgiving Holiday~


Marie said...

Family times are the best of times. It's really lovely seeing you with some of yours! Looks like a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! xxoo

Lynda said...

Beautiful family, LeAnn! Loved seeing all the photos, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

God bless you!

Grammy Staffy said...

What a wonderful holiday time you had together. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of your sweet family. How nice that the baptism was the same weekend. Congrats to Faith. Our Gracie was baptized this time last year. Great family times together.

I am sorry to hear that your back was giving you problems during your trip. I surely hope that you were able to make it home without suffering with it. I hope it is better now. Take care dear. Hugs, Lura

Heather B said...

I totally miss Chrissy's family! Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures.

Galen Pearl said...

What lovely family pictures. Isn't Thanksgiving wonderful?! So much to be thankful for!

Susan said...

Awwww, what a sweet family. One of my grandsons just got baptized too. They live clear in Virginia, so at least Grandpa got to baptize him.
Love your pictures!

Darlene said...

You really did have a nice Thanksgiving, didn't you? I loved seeing all the pictures you took. Your grand children are all so cute and they look like they were really helping. That is such a good quality that their parents hava instilled in them. Nowdays, children just don't do much, I'm afraid. Too many parents have spoiled their kids rotten. Grandchildren are just the best, aren't they? I loved watching mine grow up and now I am enjoying watching my five great grandchildren and all of their activities.

Too bad that you had back problems, I can totally relate, because I am experiencing the very same thing. I can't take pain pills so am grateful for gel packs as they do help a lot, but it doesn't make for being a lot of help. I didn't do anything either. We went to our grandson's home about an hour and a half from here and spent the day with their sweet family and Sue's too.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Looks like your Thanksgiving was extra special! So glad you got to go ~ I'm sure you made lovely, lasting memories.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Stephanie Cozzens said...

What a beautiful family. Missouri also looked lovely (and warm!).

singing/granny said...

How fun! Sorry you were having back problems. I am a little too familiar with that myself. But so nice to be with family!! Glad you had a fun time!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Beautiful family and great pictures. I love how they are all helping in the kitchen!

Debbie said...

what a gorgeous family.....the best of times are spent with family!!

Mom of 12 said...

So fun having cousins close! Family is definitely what it is all about. And my little guy would love that train, btw.

Renee said...

Love these pics of your beautiful family. What a special legacy you've given them!

Julie said...

Wow! What a wonderful paradise they live in--outside the house and in. Beautiful family! Hope your back gets to feeling better.

Denise said...

Such a sweet post.

The Adventurer said...

What a wonderful family you have. You are blessed to have such a large family and that so many were together for the holiday

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family you have! That sounds like a fun, super fun vacation and I love that gingerbread house. Thanks for sharing.


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