Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Trick Is To Treat ~ Happy Halloween

Now that all of our children are gone; I can relax and enjoy passing out candy and smiling at all the cute and scary costumes. Halloween was never my favorite holiday; but looking at some of the past Halloween pictures; it brought back some sweet memories.
One of my favorite memories was when we lived in California. We decided on Halloween that we would do a Trick which was a Treat. First we made some yummy Halloween treats. We then got all of our children dressed in their costumes and  we took homemade treats to our neighbors. The neighbors loved this. They were all so surprised and of course all of them insisted that our children could have some of their treats. too. Our children thought it was great fun and it became a tradition for a few years.
Here are a few favorite Halloween pictures Through The Years ~

This is one I really like a lot - My daughters Christina, Tiffani and Jenni ~
 My Cowboy On His Horse - The One That Swept Me Away ~
Always The Cowgirl - Me~

 My Two Clowns - Travis and Sean~
 My Three Pirates - Travis, Sean and James~
My Sweet Dancers - Tiffani, Jenni, and Christina ~
These three were in a dance recital; so these are homemade costumes
 Our Baby Tiffani With The Black Cat ~
Happy Halloween Night and Don't Eat Too Many Treats -
 Share Them With A Neighbor !!


Sue said...

Loved perusing this parade of Halloween pics. Really fun!


singing/granny said...

I loved seeing your cute pictures! I guess I love Halloween....not the scary parts, but all of the cute kiddies in costume. Unfortunately we live too far away from town and don't get many here. We usually drive into town to see them:) Enjoy! Melody

Marie said...

Love your Halloween pictures Leanne! I always loved Halloween when I was a girl. We used to have parties at school and parade our costumes around. It was always a lot of fun each year deciding who or what we were going to be! It was always a very exciting time for me! I never had a store bought costume or mask. My mother always made what we wore. As an adult I can truly appreciate the sacrifice! xxoo

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Loved seeing all of your cute photos!
We live at the edge of town where it's on a highway and not a street, so we don't get any kids unless they are friends. And most friends are too old to have kids that trick or treat anymore! Enjoy the fun!

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Loved seeing all those old photos - I loved the first one, it should be in a magazine! The one of Sean, Travis and James, cracks me up - James looks so much like Averi when she had all that hair in the hospital!

What fun! We do trunk or treat in the church parking lot, so Jessica is bring the kids up so that they can go - going house to house is kind of scary, especially in the country.

Hugs and Love,

Darlene said...

Darn! I just posted a very long commment and right in the middle of a word it went away. I don't even think I can reconstruct it so won't even try. I did enjoy seeing your darling children in their Halloween costumes. I also loved your tradition of taking homemade treats to your neighbors when your children were small. Such a sweet idea!!(No pun intended)

Patty Ann said...

I love this one today. I especially love your idea about sharing the treats with a neighbor. We take the candy we get and pick out a few then box the rest up and send it to the troops. They always seem to love it and it is a way for my girls to learn giving and service.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love the pictures!!! So cute!

Kara said...

Really enjoyed these photos...LeAnn :)

You are always such an encourager.
Thank you...

The Adventurer said...

What great Halloween memories. LOVE the black and white one of the kids with pumpkins and corn stalks:) Kids look so happy and innocent:)


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