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Simple Woman's Daybook - October 21st 2011 ~

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FOR TODAY - October 21st 2011
Outside my is a beautiful crisp fall day.  I love the fall colors and my favorite is red. We have some bushes that are all the lovely colors of autumn; orange, red, yellow and brown. Finally they have finished the road by our home and also the retaining pond across the street; so my view is sweet.  
I am thinking...that I need to finish this Daybook entry before my dear husband comes home. We are off this afternoon to do some of our Inner City missionary work.
I am thankful many blessings in my life. I feel blessed in so many ways. I do recognize our Heavenly Father's hand in our life. As we have been serving our Inner City  mission my gratitude has increased a hundred fold. Most of those we serve are humble, sweet people who have little and we have such a desire to help relieve some of their struggles. The road is not easy; but I constantly pray for the Spirit of desernment to know what direction we should go in our care for so many.
From the learning rooms...I am now taking a Book of Mormon Class online through BYU. I just started it; but already I know that it is going to challenge me a little bit more than just reading through the Book of Mormon. I love reading that book; so this is a joyful journey for me.
From the kitchen...Dang! I don't know what to do for dinner. I think I will talk my dear husband into take home and or dinner out. We haven't had any date nights out recently and so last night we went shoping for curtains for our bedroom and then we went to the Village Inn for a dinner-breakfast meal. Two nights out for dinner may be a bit much.
I am wearing...gray pants, white shirt and gray white and black socks with pictures of Maltese puppies on them. We had a sweet  Maltese dog named Dollie that was ran over 4 years ago. I Ioved her so much; so every once in a while I still cry a little over her. These socks are part of my on-going grieving process. 
I am creating...another blog. This one will be a history of the missionary work that my in laws did in Nigeria and Ghuna. My Father in law was the first missionary from our church to work with the Nigerian people in the late 1950's. I have his journal that I will be blogging this and another history that I have of all their missions. I am excited to get going on this one.
I am going...on a missionary endeavor with my husband tonight and then home early for bed for our regular shift at the temple in the morning.
I am reading... the third volume of "Shadows of Brierley - A Distant Shore" by Anita Standsfield. This morning I shed tears while reading the first few chapters. In the book, The Prophet Joseph Smith called two fathers of very young children on a mission to England. They would be going back to their homeland.  In those days they were called on missions for an indetermined length of time, usually at least two years. They were called to spread the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These two men would be leaving their wives and young children. This was the 1840's when life was very difficult and the women would be left to raise their children, care for their homes and do the work that their husbands had previously done for them. These pioneers were so faithful and followed their Prophet Joseph Smith and their Savior Jesus Christ. Both families prayed to know that this was Heavenly Father"s will for them at that time. Written in a beautiful way their prayers were answered. The one sweet sister had just delivered a sweet new baby and now she would be lift to care for this new little one plus two other young children. When I read stories like this I recognize that our little sacrifice to do the work is small in comparison.
I am enjoy a  great weekend with my husband.  
I am going by, the TV in the background and my fingers hitting the keys.
Around the house...I completed cleaning three rooms that we just had recarpeted. I cleaned the windows, blinds, and vacumned. It is now ready to move all the furniture back in. I was happy to get it completed and luckily it didn't cause me any back pain today. Yeah!!
One of my favorite to work at the temple with my sweet companion; this is the highlight of my week. There is such peace and joy find within the temple and I love the opportunity to serve others each Saturday morning. I don't necessarily get to see my husband through the morning; but I know he is there and that makes all the difference. The work is very important and I am so impressed with all of the faithful brothers and sisters of the gospel that come to the temple each week to do work for their ancestors.
A few plans for the rest of the week: temple, perhaps an afternoon movie; that would be fun. Sunday a busy day at church and possible visits with some of the individuals we are assigned to watch over and help. We also will be attending our grandson's  Joshua's Birthday party. He turns 5 years old tomorrow.  
 Joshua with his brother Jeffery
Joshua - Age 5
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 Our Sweet Little Dollie
Sammy and Suesue


Sue said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, LeAnn. It's fun to know some specific things about your life on a given day.


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi LeAnn, I always enjoy reading your Daybook. Happy Birthday to your little grandson. He's a cutie...and his brother! And look at the other little cutie pies. They are adorable, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I love your daybook - you are such a busy lady!

So glad that they have finished the road work by your house! I know what a mess that can be - it looks really nice.

New carpet - yeah!!

Dollie was such a cute dog - I have felt that way about dogs that I have owned before too. Love the sock idea... :0)

Happy Birthday Josh! I can't believe how fast they grow - he and Jeffery are so cute!

We were in SLC this week-end, I can't believe how pretty the mountains were! And, I loved driving at night and seeing the temples illuminating out of nowhere - it was so gorgeous!

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs and Love,

Galen Pearl said...

How fun to go through your day with you. Now let's talk about Dolly--too cute! What kind of puppy is she? She IS a doll!

Mom of 12 said...

What a fun post! The pics of the dogs are so cute. I don't think my daybook would be very simple.

singing/granny said...

Fun to read about your day. What a sweet little dog! No wonder you grieve over her! I love the temple also, but ours is closed for remodeling right now. I didn't realize how much I would miss going every week. Thanks for the good thoughts! Melody

The Adventurer said...

Hope you were taken out to dinner:) Sometimes doing something extra is important for our inner souls:) Sorry to hear about your dog. Pets are like family and their loss can really take a toll. I still remember my dog from my childhood and she was a great dog.

Michelle said...

"I am creating...another blog. This one will be a history of the missionary work that my in laws did in Nigeria and Ghuna. My Father in law was the first missionary from our church to work with the Nigerian people in the late 1950's. I have his journal that I will be blogging this and another history that I have of all their missions. I am excited to get going on this one. "

OH! I can't wait to watch this unfold.

I am glad our paths have crossed, LeAnn. Thank you for your example of faith and friendship.


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