Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - April 2011

FOR TODAY April 9th 2011

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Outside my window...there is a heavy rain storm. It has been cold and deary most of the week. The weather is alternating between periods of snow and rain. The snow isn't sticking so that is good. I am just so tired of gray days. I need sunshine. I guess I will just have to take more Vitamin D!
I am sad I am that my children and grandchildren left today for home. I had two families here briefly for a visit. Back to the silence of the house. Our dog Sammy always goes into depression after the children leave. He loves to play and has such a good time with them. Neither family was here for long so he didn't get as attached as he sometimes does. There is always one of the grandchildren that he will follow around and want their attention. I remember one time being told that your pets actually think they are one of your children; I believe that now.
I am thankful for...for having a wonderful day in the temple this morning. I enjoyed my shift. My dear husband wasn't able to go to the temple today due to work assignments he had to complete. He was able to spend a few moments with the children which was nice. 
From the learning rooms...I am learning to be quiet during a discussion when I would like to give an opinion. Sometimes, it is better to be silent on a subject. This requires self discipline; especially of the tongue.
From the kitchen...there was pizza for all those who were coming and going today.
I am wearing...a black sweater, black pants, black socks and a black and white sweater. Just listing this made me think; am I depressed or what?
I am creating...a plan to organize my week and days better. I still don't have control over my day. I have decided that I do better if I follow an actualized written plan. I will report on my progress next time.
I am going...downstairs to the family room and watch a movie with my husband if he ever gets his work completed. We both need to go to bed early since we haven't had good sleep for most of the week.
I am reading..."Snow Rising", I don't know when I will ever get this book finished; but I have been trying to read at least a chapter a day. It is a good book on relationships, finding yourself and accountability for your choices. I am learning a great deal. I am also reading a book entitled; "Talking With God - Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life," by Robert L. Millet. I am loving this book and learning more about prayer. I am having more daily conversations with my Heavenly Father with more thought to what I am saying. I still have trouble taking the time to listen. I do feel it is a two way conversation. I feel like I need to stay on my knees and be quiet long enough to hear answers to my more pondered questions or be more aware of answers that come in other ways.
I am hoping... to have a good nights sleep and be able to have an enjoyable Sabbath Day. I am looking forwars to a wonderful sweet Sabbath Day; a spiritual renewal. 
I am hearing...the sports news and cars driving through the rain soaked streets. As I was coming home from the temple I was listening to the sports news. BYU was scheduled to have a Spring football game today. The weather is cruddy; I don't know how that will be. Apparently, they have hopes for a good football team this year. There are some good recruits and  missionaries returning home in time to play. I hope their season is good because I really like to watch BYU games. I am very excited that Jimmer Fredette from BYU's basketball team won all of the best player awards for basketball. That's a good reason to celebrate.
Around the house...I am hoping that the toys downstairs have been put away by my grandchildren. I really needed to dust this week; so next week I will have some major house work to do. I hope the sun will be out; because I accomplish more when there is sun shine.
One of my favorite to cuddle up with my husband and watch a good movie. I need some popcorn to make it perfect.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Watch a good movie tonight - Enjoy the Sabbath tomorrow - Organize and plan my week for Monday.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
This is a sweet video of my Averi. She is my very dear 8 year old grandchild that is blind. I posted a blog about her some time ago. She plays the piano by ear and adds her own interpretation to the music.


I recently submitted an article on Genealogy and Family History Work to the following link:
Mormon Woman is a great site to read articles on various subjects; perhaps contribute one of your own.


Patty Ann said...

Love it. I will go and check them out.

Sue said...

Your granddaughter's music is wonderful!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Sweet little Averi can really make that piano sing! Have a wonderful week.


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