Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cross to Golgotha - Curcifixtion - The Garden Tomb

Ponder for a moment and remember that our beloved Savior had to carry his own cross to Golgotha. He was weak, in excruciating pain and bleeding, He carried this cross for us. Those He loved, his mother, his family, the apostles and many beloved followers watch this dreadful scene. I feel His disciples  didn't understand  at the time how much this act of love really meant. Weakened to the point he could not carry this cross alone; He was given help. Meanwhile, there were those who hated, yelled, spit and whipped him as He carried the cross. Can any of us ever fully understand the Lord's divine love for all; even those who persecuted and crucified him. "Then said Jesus, Father forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)
The crucifixion was one of the most vicious ways to end a life. 
The Thrives on both sides of the Savior only had ropes to hold them up. The Savior had nails in place in palms, wrist and feet to hold him up.
Throughout all of the many horrendous moments that the Savior suffered the barbarous method is beyond comprehension. 
How the Savior loved us and truly gave the gift. 

The Gift

The gasp from the crowd was audible
And a few smiles even vanished
As the mallet drove the first spike
Through the torn and bleeding hand.

With haste and little care the other
monstrous nails were blasted through
His flesh And he was lifted, silent, naked
blood-covered and agonizing
Amid the jeers, the applause, the lust of
the ones He loved so dearly.

Dark clouds boiled, winds, tore at the rocky summit
As the people slapped and mocked and spit
And taught their children -
Yet in silence He endured,
Weeping not in pain but pity For these
 He loved had still so awfully far to go.

Eyes closed, He spoke often with His Father, who stood
Very near, of Gethsemane and the torment which left
His blood to stain the ground Atoning for this so great a sin
and all others, past and yet to come.

Anguish-filled hours dragged slowly by as He hung
trembling because of pain and suffering both body
and spirit Till the Father in perfect love and
understanding withdrew.

Now alone and totally so The Son cried out in agony
 of spirit, shrinking My God My God
Why hast thou forsaken me?

And then a time only moments perhaps but longer
than all Eternity when the Son, lonely still and in
silence Partook of the bitter cup and finished His
sacrifice for the children of men.

Father, the glory be Thine I have given the gift
Thou sent me forth to give -
My love for them is now perfect That theirs may
one day be. It is finished: Into Thy hands, as
always I commend my spirit.

- by Blaine M. Yorgason

The Garden Tomb

    A very courageous Joseph Arimathaea whom some gospel writers say he was Jesus' great-uncle, that is, uncle to Jesus' mother went to Pilate to procure the Savior's body at great risk of his own safety. Joseph offered a rock-cut tomb that had not been used and was located in a garden. Nicodemus purchased myrrh and aloes to prepare Jesus' body for burial.
     Andrew C. Skinner in his Book entitled Golgotha stated the following:
"Both Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were righteous leaders of the Jews who recognized the special nature of the Savior's life and teachings. They remained loyal to him and performed a special act of love and respect....this final act in the drama of Golgotha culminated in the placement of guards at the Garden Tomb.
All of this was pure, unadulterated, selfless service. Preparing another person's lifeless body for burial is a true act of kindness and charity, because it is one thing that can never be repaid by the individual being served. It can be done without expectation of recompense. Such was the largeness of soul possessed by Joseph or Arimathaea."
    My dear daughters, niece and I were privileged to dress my Mother for her burial. We dressed her in her beautiful Temple clothes, styled her hair, applied her make-up and painted her nails. It was a sacred holy experience for us all. There was a sweet spirit in the room and I know my mother was present and enjoying watching us give her body loving care. We reminisced, laughed and cried over our memories of her.  it was a very spiritual and tender moment.


Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love this one today. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story about your mother. I have helped do that too, and you are right, it is a sacred, holy experience.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why He loves us so much, but I am so grateful he does! I too have been pondering the will of the Savior in these last few days of His life. It's amazing all he was willing to do for us. This is going to be one great Easter.

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the experience you got to have with your mother. What a tender blessing for all of you.

I have enjoyed your series of Easter posts. They've been thoughtful and uplifting.

Thanks! And happy Easter!!



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