Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window....I love the sunshine and I wish I could go outside and bask in it's warmth. I have to remind myself that it is still winter and I can't really do that. Oh, I guess I could bundle up and take a walk with my dogs; that's a thought. The only real problem is that the air isn't good today; we are in an inversion. I have horrible allergies so I guess I am stuck.

I am thinking...I wish I had more time to complete all the tasks that I would like to do today. However, because I am sidetracked  that usually doesn't happen.

I am thankful…for my husband. His birthday is on Saturday and I have been trying to figure out what to give him for his birthday. My mind has been a blank. Everything that I would like to give him is  expensive. I know he would like a new car; but that won't happen. However, I dream about giving him one. He is always so creative with birthday gifts for me. I am at a loss as to what to do for him. I know he doesn't really care about getting a gift; but I care. He is going to take tomorrow off since we work at the temple on his birthday. It is always fun to have a reason to just celebrate by going out to eat and perhaps even a movie. It is just fun being together, maybe that's the gift!

From the learning room....I am learning more about blogging. Yesterday, I started a blog that will be my personal journal; so it won't be opened to the public. I am sure that there will be thoughts and experiences that I will share from time to time. I have been keeping a journal for over 33 years. There are many moments that I haven't written about; which are memories lost. However, what I do have written are some wonderful memories through the years.

From the kitchen....I am trying to avoid the kitchen since I am still off Chocolate. It has been difficult because we do have some in our house; so I am constantly being tempted.  As I was getting into my baking drawer, I notice 3 chocolate chips; I manged to get them from the drawer into the garbage. I am addicted! I have had a good week in self mastery; so that has been a good outcome.
ONE MORE DAY! I will not binge on Chocolate!! 

I am wearing....a light green bathrobe and black slippers. It is now 12 noon; so I do need to get dressed. I have my make-up and hair completed; so that is a start.I am reading...the novel "Silence of God". I am learning so much about Russia and the wonderful members of my church who lived there during the early 1900's. The Russia government fell apart and they became a communist socialist government. I also started reading the book, "Awaken Your Spiritual Power (The Fairy Godmother Isn't Coming)", by Susan Noyes Anderson. I am thoroughly enjoying her writings. She has a blog that I follow; and I love her thoughts and ideas. Here is the link to her blog: Sue's New's, Views 'n Muse:

I am have a productive day without too many interruptions. That usually doesn't happen. I am hoping that my husband gets home from work so we can go to our ward temple session tonight. 

I am hearing...the news on in the other room. Most of the time I have to have some noise in the house since all the children are gone. However, I like peaceful moments when there is not much to hear so I can actually hear myself think. That might bring on a moment of talking to myself; which scares me.

One of my favorite things... is to go shopping and I am really sad when I don't have anything to shop for. I developed this desire many years ago. The grocery store became my favorite place to have peaceful moments without the children. Years ago when I was recovering for the birth of my 4th baby. My husband took our three boys to the grocery store. He came home very stressed and said that they were busy putting items in the cart when he wasn't looking. As he got up to the checkout stand out came the eggs onto the floor; he was very embarrassed. He then promised me that he would be happy to watch our children while I went shopping by myself. Thus was born the desire to shop.

Around the house....I really need to dust and clean my house. I am allergic to dust so I need to accomplish this today.

A few plans for the rest of the week....Shop for my husband's birthday - attend the temple to night - enjoy Friday with my husband - Work at the temple on Saturday - Enjoy birthday moments with my husband- Attend church
and have a quiet Sabbath day.

One more thought......There was a missionary Elder Walker from our church who was killed recently in Jamamica.You might find it interesting to read the thoughts from a missionary couple that are serving there. It was way sweet; grab your kleenex.
Here is the link:

This is a picture of my sweet little granddaughter Averi learning to type braille. She is doing well in school and progressing a long. She is such a precious gift to us all.

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Sue said...

Your granddaughter is so lovely.

And I'm glad you're enjoying my book. Thanks!


Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I can so relate to the sunshine therapy! Amber and I both have the need for sun!! It has been so cloudy and foggy here that I think my bat wings are starting to form! Or is it just that my arms are getting really fat????

I can also relate to it being so quiet that I start talking to myself!! It is scary! The other day my mom called me and apparently didn't wait for me to answer the phone! She thought she hung the phone up, but didn't . . . I could hear her talking to herself, and I felt really bad, old age is not fun!!

what can I say about retail therapy! Sometimes, we just need to go shopping, even if we don't need anything, it's fun to dream! Funny story about Roger with the boys shopping. . . ;0)

Tell Roger "Happy Birthday"! You will find the perfect gift for him! I don't think that men really care as much about gifts as us girls do - I know Bob doesn't. Whatever you get for him, he will love, because YOU gave it to him.

We are so lucky to be grandma's to our sweet little Ave! Isn't she just the sweetest thing?!

Have a wonderful week-end!

Much love,

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your Husband on Saturday. I have the same feelings about my Todd. I wish so much that I could give him nicer and better things, but, like you, we have a very limited budget, and so I just give him my deepest love and hope that is enough! What a sweet grand daughter you have! You are so very blessed! xxoo

Just Ramblin' said...

I remember hearing about this Elder on the news and enjoyed the post about him. It did bring a tear to my eye, but know that he is in a better place continuing his mission. Thanks for sharing the link. The picture of your little Averi is precious. Hope your husband has a great birthday and that the two of you have a wonderful time together. Kudos's to you for trying to kick the chocolate habit. Keep up the great work!
Have a wonderful weekend. Nola


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