Sunday, November 14, 2010


First of all, I would like to introduce you to my daughter Tiffani, who has been very busy making bows and other such trimmings and has a new web site. If you click onto Tiffani's Trimmings button on this blog; you can enjoy looking at some of her creations.
My other daughter Jenni also loves to make bows, clothes for her children, homemade cards and etc.  I have hopes she may join her sister in her new endeavor. My oldest daughter Christina also loves to create and sew. However, she is now going into gardening, and eventually bee keeping. I can't wait for the honey along with her expertise in gardening.  My three daughter in laws, Mary, Amanda and Amber have creative talents that I have benefited from through the years.
It is so awesome to have daughters that like to create beautiful items.  Regretfully, they didn't learn it for me. Although I tried sewing through the years it only gave me a neck ache. My mother was a great seamstress; she made most of my clothes, prom dresses and etc. I have wonderful memories of the many items of clothing she made for me and the most beautiful was my Wedding Dress; which I will always treasure. I think the desire to sew may be hereditary, but missed me somehow.  My daughters certainly take after my mother's enjoyment of sewing. I wouldn't doubt at all that she is watching them from Heaven and loving every minute of their creative endeavors.
Today, I am going to share with permission a post that my daughter, Tiffani put on our family blog. I loved her thoughts about some of her struggles and wanted to share them.
"I was asked to teach the 11 year olds the lesson on Job at a Ward Conference in my Stake tomorrow. As I sat down this evening to prepare I came across the message below by Elder Richard G. Scott.
This message spoke to me personally as well as the lesson on Job. I felt that the Stake Primary President was inspired to ask me to teach this particular lesson. I had been thinking a lot lately about all I have been through the last couple of years with the loss of a baby and now this illness. I've thought about how I have complained many times and questioned Gods plan for me. Yet I have realized through the past few months that when trials come and I complain, I get no where. However, when I put my trust in the Lord and understand that he knows what is best for me and what will help me grow spiritually, I am better able to move forward with faith and hope knowing that He has something far better than what I desire. Please take the time to read this article, I know that it will bring peace to your heart as it did mine." - Ensign Article - Trust In The Lord - 

 As I reflect up on each of my children and their families; I know that each one of them are going through some tough life experiences; among such things as job losses, health issues, marriage struggles, work place politics and etc. As a mother I find myself on my knees a lot in prayer for all of them. I wish I could solve all of their heartaches like when they were younger and under our influence. However, I do know the one who can bring comfort to their souls and He is the Savior; the great healer and comforter. I know the Savior loves us all and He is walking with us through our difficult moments of life. I pray you will read the article link; it will touch your heart and you will feel the spirit of the words spoken. Blessings and love to all of you out there in the blogger world.


Sue said...

Boy, do I relate to this one. I, too, find myself wishing I could solve all of my kid's problems. Then, like you, I remember that Someone Else is there to help them do that...and His plan for their growth can be trusted.

It's still hard, sometimes, but I'm getting better at letting go!


PS. Your daughter sounds like a lovely person.

Tiffani said...

Mom I changed the the trimmings site to this one.

Sorry if that messes you up. It was too much to have two craft sites.

I also have a missionary blog:


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