Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Does Wrinkles Have To Do With Vanity???

 To set the scene; my husband and I were in a hotel room getting ready to attend a funeral and I was putting on my make-up. The hotel bathroom had a very strong magnifying mirror for helping to comb the hair and do the makeup. I commented to my husband that I didn't like getting old. I was noticing that my face was getting more and more wrinkles. He took my face in his hands and said: "That's right I can see at least 14 more wrinkles. You could name them after your children." I laughed at that; but maybe he had a point. I am sure some of those wrinkles were caused by some of my children. If I added all of my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren I would have 45 wrinkles to name. That actually sounds like a chore and would probably create more wrinkles.
OK, I would say that almost all women have a little bit of vanity in them. Perhaps, I should share a little bit about my sweet mother who was so beautiful and always looked good throughout her life. She  was married and raised her family during the 30's, 40's and 50's. In that era it was expected and I do say expected that when a husband came home from work he was met at the door by his gorgeous wife; hair perfect, makeup on, dressed in a dress with a clean apron on. He then was escorted into the kitchen where the meal was prepared and served in the finest manner. The children were also at the table with clean hands and faces. No arguments were allowed at the dinner table, only polite conversation.The meal of course took the wife all day to prepare and was scrumptious. If for some reason the meal wasn't quite ready the wife would give him a kiss and send him into the Living Room to read the newspaper. Of course, this was the model; and I know there is realism to this story. However,I must say that my mother pretty much fit this description to a tee. She had her hair done by a hairdresser her entire life. She would never be caught dead without her makeup on and she always looked nice when my dad came home from work.
The other night I was putting on some Pond's cold cream to clean my face. All of a sudden I could see my Mother in the mirror; it hit me like a lightening bolt; I am just like my Mom! I remember her putting on her face Pond's cream and I couldn't imagine how my Dad could even kiss her face at night. However, I must admit my mother had very smooth skin her entire life. Of course, age wrinkles were there; but not as much as some. The other thing she did was wrap her hair in toilet paper to preserve the curls and sleep on a silk pillowcase. What fond memories these are. 
My mother came to live with me for the final months of her life. We had a huge 90th birthday party for her and I remember well helping her with her makeup and her getting upset because I didn't do her eyebrows quite right. About three weeks before she passed away; she was very weak and didn't get up very much. On most days she would usually sleep until noon; so on Sunday I would leave her so I could attend meetings. On this one Sunday she had gotten up earlier and I made her comfortable and told her I would come home in between meetings to see how she was doing. I was sure she would fall back to sleep. When I arrived home and came through the door she yelled out at me and said: "LeAnn, I have been watching an info-commercial on Sheer Coverage Makeup; is it a good make-up." I replied: " Yes Mom, it is a good makeup; in fact that is what I used for makeup on your face for your Birthday party." She then said: "Why don't you order me some." I replied that I had plenty left. I had to laugh a little just thinking about that she was still worried about how she looked and she was 90 years old. I must admit that I was grateful for a Mother who cared about how she looked and wanted to look her best. Some would say that my Mother was vain; I think she was just beautiful inside and out and taught me the importance of looking my best and caring about the body that I have been blessed with. Yes, I am over weight a bit; and I wish I wasn't growing old; but I think my Mother proved that growing old is in the eye of the beholder; that you can always look your best and care for yourself no matter what age you are. Of course, I will continue to put Pond's cream on my face; and I can assure you my husband will still give me a good night kiss. Yes, I have wrinkles; but I have earned them and I think I might name a few of the large ones after my children who are such a blessing in my life.


singing/granny said...

Love it! And I have felt the same! Thanks, Leann. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Sue said...

This is a truly beautiful post, LeAnn. You've made me think about something important in an entirely new way, and I thank you!


PS. Most of all, I love how your deep feelings for your mother flow through every line.

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

Wrinkles, krinkles! You have beautiful skin, just like your sweet mama, who truly was such a beautiful woman! Amber and I were just saying how much you remind us of her . . . that is indeed a wonderful thing . . . :0)

I think it's important to take care of our skin, and no, I don't think it's vanity I think it's just taking care of the body that Heavenly Father so graciously gave us. I love Ponds products!! I use Ponds night cream, have for years!

What a fun post! I always love to hear what's on your mind! And, I agree with Sue, I love hearing the love that you had for your mom throughout your post.

Hugs and love,

Marie said...

Great post Leanne. I loved reading about your mother. My mother is much the same. Even though she lives all on her own now, she still applies her face carefully each day and has a strict beauty regime! Kisses to her always taste like cold cream, and I believe it's a flavour all of us children have grown to love!!

Sue said...

Good Morning Leann, What a wonderful post, I am having the same conversations with dh about getting old. lol. This is just like reading my life story and my mother is just exactly this way, even putting toilet paper around her hair at night. lol

She gets her hair done each week, and when she goes on Thursday to get it done again, it looks the same as it did the week before, so I guess it is the toilet paper

The love and respect for your mother came through so sweetly. What wonderful memories you have, And I am so glad that I have become my mother(though I don't use toilet paper on my hair) as you have too, because it sounds like you and I have been so blessed by having two beautiful ladies. I leave today being so blessed.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi LeAnn,

Great post! My hubby and I talk about aging more often now. I don't think either of us is going to age well, as far as the skin goes that is. But, don't they say that beauty is skin deep? I try not to look in the mirror any more than necessary....ha ha! I'm always told that I look about 8-10 years younger than I really am, but I don't see it myself! I just see the crepey (that's what I call it) look of my skin on my hands and even on my arms. The neck is wrinkling and sagging more everyday! I don't have really deep lines in my face, but that is probably because I could stand to lose several pounds...another good reason not to diet, right? But, the age spots....yuck! I've been fighting them for several years now. My dermatologist said its heredity. Nothing can be done about them. :(

I going to have to try the Ponds. Don't think the Olay is helping much! But, I realize that I am getting old(er) and I'll never look the same way that I did 30 years ago...darn it!

I love how your mother was still interested in makeup at age 90! Thanks for sharing your memories.


Valerie said...

Sweet post. I sure wish someone would have warned me that wrinkles started coming so early. I know it's different for some people, but I started noticing my skin change at around 29. I thought only OLD people got wrinkles. :)


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