Saturday, October 16, 2010


 Sammy, 2 years and SueSue 6 years -

Friday, October 15, 2010 - Journal Entry

OK, I do know that I am a side tracked home executive; which means that I have a lot of plans that change minute by minute because I can't seem to stay focused on one thought or thing at a time. Today was good. I stayed on one task way too long but finished the day with my agenda crossed off. Highly unusual day for me.
First of all I got up early to get dressed and take my two adorable dogs Sammy and Sue Sue to be groomed. As usual I was time challenged, which means I was running late. I of course I believe that to be late for an appointment is rude. I have a very dear daughter who is always late to everything. She never wears a watch and therefore she doesn't know what time it is. While her husband was in Iraq she lived with us with her four daughters. In order to get her to church on time, which actually only happened a few times during the 18 months; I put a clock in every room and that didn't help very much. One day I was talking with my Aunt Alene who is 89 years old. I was discussing with her the challenge of trying to be on time to events and I told her about my daughter's timing issue. She replied that it was probably hereditary.  Apparently, my great grandmother would ask my parents and my Aunt to travel with her from Sigurd, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah to spend a few days there. She would ask them to come down on a Friday so they could leave on Saturday but they wouldn't leave until Monday because it would take her that long to pack. Oops, there I go again side tracked and off my original thought. I guess this lateness thing is hereditary for me too; but at least not all the time.
Back to the dogs; as I was trying to get them into the car I had them both on leases, plus I was holding my car keys, purse and a glass full of my protein breakfast. As I leaned over to pick Sue Sue up; I spilled my drink all over my purse, keys and the garage floor. Of course, I had to clean it up so I was major late along with being hungry.  
My next destination was to go to Kohl's to look for a new tablecloth and a fall decorative item or two. At Kohl's I found a table cloth that I wanted but of course they didn't have it in the right size. I then traveled to J.C.Penney's and again  found the one I liked but not in the right size. That was strike three for me by now most people would have cut their losses and gone home; but I was determined to complete this task. I went to Target, no luck. I took a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and found the decorator pieces I wanted.  I thought to myself; perhaps I should go across town to the other mall and go to the Kohl's store there, which I did and they didn't have anything that I liked. Oh well, another J.C. Penney's wasn't too far away so I drove to the other mall. I looked all over for tablecloths and then decided that I would ask where the tablecloths were and the salesperson informed me that their J.C. Penney's didn't carry any of those kitchen items but all their other stores did. How lame is that?  I continued to walk the entire mall going into Macy's and Dillard's and of course they are at opposite ends. At Dillard's I found a beautiful  70 in. round tablecloth, it was only $80.00; I thought you have got to be kidding. Well no luck at that Mall but I did get plenty of exercise walking from one end to another.
As I was pulling out of the Mall, I noticed a Bed Bath and Beyond store across the street and finally found the perfect tablecloth. Wow, the day was saved. It was only $20.00 so I left feeling like I had found a bargain.  I quickly returned home after four hours of shopping and driving. My dear husband's only comment was, "You could have ordered a tablecloth online and saved the price of gas and been ahead." I told him I was enjoying the moments.
Also, I had originally planned to clean my kitchen floor with emphasis on cleaning the tile and grout. Usually, I would have just taken a nap after a day of shopping; but this was on my schedule. I knew it would take me at least an hour on hands and knees, so I ate a quick lunch and dug into the chore. It was harder than I thought  but I was determined to complete the task.  After wards, my kind husband volunteered to vacuum and dust the upstairs for me. I felt  so blessed. I am pretty sure his motive was due to the fact he had a meeting scheduled in our home. He could see there was no way I was going to get through with cleaning all of the house in time. I finished cleaning the bathrooms in between doing laundry and folding clothes. I then decided that I should bake some cookies for his meeting; so I got busy doing that. It was a rush by then to complete this task, fix dinner and have the kitchen area cleaned up before his meeting. 
Shortly after the meeting started my Grandson and granddaughter in law and my sweet adorable great granddaughter came for a visit. We went downstairs and visited and my husband soon joined us and we had a delightful time with them. 
At the end of the day I was tired but so happy that my goals were completed. I stayed on task for the day; miracles do happen.
I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything else. I may not have good multitasking and timing skills; but I found joy in the moments of this day!


Tamara said...

You make me SMILE! Happy to hear you had such a productive day.

singing/granny said...

Enjoyed your post! It made me smile too! Melody

Marie said...

Busy days are the best of days Leann! Loved this post. You sure crammed a lot into your day! I am a person that always likes to be on time as well! I just hate being late and am early for everything! xxoo

Dolly said...

I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only one struggling to stay on task and complete a goal for the day! Some days seem endless:)

Thanks for dropping by my blog-we used a regular bread dough recipe for the pretzels-and they were just delicious.

Marmee's Pantry said...

What a great post. If I haven't told you before, you have such a sweet blog. And thank you for always being so encouraging when you comment on my blog.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi LeAnn,

I really enjoyed this post. It is so easy for me to get side-tracked, too! I also have a daughter who is usually running late. Drives us nuts, sometimes. :)

Glad you found the tablecloth you wanted and fall decor. Are we going to get a photo? I love looking at others homes and how they decorate for the holidays/seasons.

It was good to see you stop by my blog. I always enjoy your comments.


Mostly Diane said...

Fun post to read. I love when I get everything done that I have planned in the day.

Steve said...

Did you remember to pick up the dogs from the groomers?


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