Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Voice of the Spirit


Marie said...

Loved this newest video Leann! I had not seen it yet. I am sitting here listening to my Heavensong CD of the MTC and all is at peace. Thanks for adding to that peace in my day. Bless you! xxoo

Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

What a perfect message! Sometimes, I think it is hard to filter-out the wickedness . . . it is so load and blaring in our faces all the time! I guess that's why we are counseled to keep our homes in such a way that the Savior could visit at any time, and we would welcome him without embarrassment.

I can tell you that after being in Amber and James home for the past three days . . . they don't have a problem. The Spirit is so sweet and strong in their home. . .:0) We must have done something right?!

Love to you,


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