Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's A Castle Not A Mansion Aunt LeAnn!


While I was in Las Vegas with my brother Mac's family, I had the delightful opportunity to visit with my Nephew Gabe and Laurie's son Millan who is nine years old. We were visiting together in the Hospital waiting room one afternoon. I had been doing some journaling on my computer and Millan and I started to discuss the fact that the Gledhill Family had a Castle in England in the early 1600's.This Castle was owned by John Gledhill. He did not have an male heir so it was taken away from the family. In doing a history on my Dad; I had found a picture of the Castle and it was in his completed history. I didn't have a copy of the history on my computer; but I tried to find it by doing a Google search. I wasn't however able to find the picture to show him. I had a very fun time visiting with him. He is a remarkable child and very intelligent and is curious about a multitude things. I told him to go home and find the history of his great grandparents and he could locate the picture of the Gledhill Castle.
The next day his Dad was in the waiting room with me and he got a call from  Millan and he only wanted to talk with me. 
We had a delightful conversation on the phone. First of all he informed me that the Gledhill Castle was not a Castle it was a Mansion. Duh, no wonder I couldn't find it on a Google search. He then discussed the fact that we really didn't lose the Gledhill Mansion. He said he went in on a Google search on the Mansion and also looked up information on John Gledhill who was the last Gledhill to own the mansion. He informed me that John Gledhill had a daughter Elizabeth who was married to Williams Horton and he had became the owner of the mansion; so therefore the Gledhill family still had the mansion. He then boldly stated: "Hey, Aunt LeAnn I think we should go over to England and let them know that the Gledhill family still owns the Gledhill Mansion!"

Just think what this young man did. He went way beyond just looking up the information on the Gledhill Mansion; he went further. He is a child of the technology era; but I find that the children that are coming down in this era are more articulate and intelligent in many ways than their parents and grandparents. Millan is an example of this generation of children. He is a marvel to me. 
I have noted in Fast and Testimony meetings that many children are baring their testimonies and not giving a memorized version. These children are giving personal examples of why they believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day saints. Perhaps they are the generation to welcome the Savior when he comes again.
My dearest Millan, I am so glad that you are named after your Grandfather and your Great Grandfather. Your Grandfather Mac Millan Gledhill is one of my hero's; a very dearly loved brother and I will miss him always. He is one of the best of men. I know that he loved all of his dear grandchildren and great grandchildren with all of his heart. I know that he will be near in spirit when you have a need or at the special events in your life that are important to you. Always make him proud to be his grandson. Your Great Grandfather Millan F. Gledhill; my father treasured his moments with all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was a very good man; a man of faith and testimony. A father who is missed every day by me. May all of my father's and my brother's posterity live a life that they can be proud of. I know that both of them will be near all of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and will have a continued influence in their lives. I have a strong and true testimony that we will be together forever in eternal families. 
I love all of you that are Mac and Amparo's posterity; you are all so choice and it was a privileged to be with you through this difficult time. My prayers will be for you to have peace and comfort and also desire that you will always be there when needed for your Mother and Grandmother, Amparo. She is a wonderful and gracious woman and I love her dearly and desire that you all will take really good care of her.


Marie said...

Beautiful post Leann! If you ever come over to the UK to claim your "castle" you better come see me! xxoo

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Wonderful post and you have a great looking and smart nephew, too! Wouldn't it be fun to go to England and see all the marvelous castles and the history there? Take care.


Barb said...

Hi LeAnn!

I love reading your blog, you always inspire me! What a wonderful heritage, and what a smart young man! How wonderful that you gave him the information he needed to spark his imagination and do the research! I think you should go find the mansion, and let them know that you are a "Gledhill"!

Hugs and love,


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