Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Have you every heard about the rule of three? Sometimes trials and disasters come in threes; it just an interesting thing to note.
Often times life throws a curve ball. This time we have had three strikes. However, I know we will win the game because of prayer, priesthood blessings and faith. 
First Strike: To start with my oldest son Sean wanted to get a better life insurance plan. He had an EKG that came up with an abnormal reading; so he had another one in a Physicians office.  At this point they mentioned that they thought he might have what they call a Incomplete Bundle Branch Block and they wanted to see if he had any artery blockage.  He then had a treadmill which also showed a possible heart problem. He had an MRI which showed up a possible Sarcoidosis of the heart. I myself had a lung Sarcoidosis about 41 years ago that went into remission and I have never had a problem with it. He was scheduled for a test and we had a family fast and he receive a Priesthood Blessing. I know all will be well.
Strike two: In my last blog post I mentioned my yard work. A day after doing the yard work I started with a different kind of cough. My sweet daughter Tiffani and her family came one day early for a visit. We had such a good time together. Tiffani and I went shopping until we dropped. On Saturday we had our Grandchildren for the afternoon; Michael 10, Sarah 8, Kaitlyn 6, and William 4. We took them to lunch and out for Ice Cream and had a great time. That evening I had a fever so I went to the Urgent care and I now have a case of Pneumonia. I had a priesthood blessing so I know that I am doing well and already feel much better.
Strike 3: Yesterday, my son Travis was taken to the ER for a questionable heart attack. He had an abnormal EKG with the same things as my oldest son. The blood test came out normal; but they kept him overnite until they could check enzymes again and have him do a treadmill. He had a Priesthood blessing. We prayed for him and I just felt peace that he would be ok. His test came out normal. He does have the Incomplete Bundle Branch Block. He considers it a priesthood blessing; I do too.
As a side note my second son has the very same heart problem as the other two have. Luckily it isn't anything for them to be concerned about. I guess we will chalk it up to genetics; although we have no family history of it.
I have great faith in the blessings of the Priesthood and I know that the Lord's will; will be done and we all will be all right. I have peace in my heart over all of this. I know beyond doubt that miracles do come after faith. I believe in prayer, priesthood blessings and faith that bring the miracles. I myself have been healed many times through the years from  priesthood blessings as have other family members. These were miracles; blessings from heaven. Perhaps I will share a few of these miracles on another day.

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Marie said...

One should never underestimate the power of prayer and Priesthood blessings. Would love to read about your miracles one day! xxoo


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