Friday, June 26, 2015

A Peek Into My Day - The Simple Woman's Daybook~

For Today... June 26th, 2015
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Outside my is a lovely, extra warm summer day. We have been wanting these sunny days to come; but perhaps not quite this hot. 
I am thinking...that our world becomes more evil everyday. I am sad when I watch the news with all of the terrible crimes that are committed. Why do God's children want to murder and plunder this nation? Why can't we all just love one another. The truth is that all of these things that are going on are just the tip of the iceberg. More will continue to happen until our beloved Savior comes again. I think that perhaps the Savior's coming is nearer than we may realize. I am looking forward to the great and dreadful day of the Lord. I like the great part best. We must just have faith and try to live Christ like lives and follow the Prophet of today.  At least that is my goal. 
I am thankful...for all the good that surrounds me. There is the negative but there is always goodness to counteract the bad moments in our lives. We have great beauty all around us. 
We were able to go on a picnic in the mountains the other day and it brought peace to my soul. I love the mountains, the lakes and the streams. I love Heavenly Father's creations. This earth is a beautiful place to live. I wake up every morning grateful for my life, for my  dear eternal companion, for our forever family, sweet little dog, Sammy, good friends and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I consider myself very blessed.

A beautiful place to find peace~

In the Kitchen.....I will be making stuffed Green Peppers for dinner. It is one of my favorite dishes and there are so many different ways to make them. 
I am wearing...light blue cropped Levis, a pink sweater, and black flip flops. 
I am creating...this post which is always fun to do. 
I am going...into the kitchen in a few moments to get a piece of Chocolate. I must have a treat. 
I am wondering...if I can complete a project today that I have been working on. My Father and Mother in law have an oral history that was taken and preserved by the Church Historical Department. It is about his mission to Nigeria in the late 50's and early 60's. Later on in the early 80's they both served a mission in Nigeria and Ghana. I had typed most of it and then put it aside for quite a while and haven't finished it. I started back typing it two days ago and I hope to finish it this week. It is so awesome to read about their experiences. They truly loved those sweet dedicated black people in Nigeria and Ghana that they worked with. I love reading their mission experiences. 
I am reading... "The New Testament" which is part of our Sunday School Class this year. I teach a Primary class of three little boys that are 5 years old; so I don't get to attend this class. I have been enjoying the student reading guide as I have been studying this wonderful book of scripture. 
I am also reading a book entitled: "Joseph; A Stalwart Witness" by Cecilia Jensen with Stanford A. Cormack. This is a historical novel on the Prophet Joseph Smith. I am loving this book because I do believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he brought about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His was an amazing man and I have a firm testimony of him. 
This book can be found here. 
I am also reading a book entitled: "Emergency Essentials - Tips For Preparedness" by Larry Barkdull.  I am happy to be working on being more prepared for any emergency that may come.I plan to put together a really good First Aid Kit and also take an on-line course on Basic and Advanced First Aid. As a nurse I feel like I need to be better prepared to help others should there be a disaster. I have been out of nursing for a while; so I need to review and relearn skills again. 
You can find it here
I am hoping...that the weight scales tomorrow will not show the same thing it showed today. 
I am take more time doing some of the things that I love to do. I have been playing the piano more which bring me great joy. I can't accompany anyone because I get to nervous; but I do enjoy playing hymns and sometimes sing along with them. It does bring calmness into my life. 
Around the house....I can hear the TV on in the kitchen where my husband slips off to for breaks. He will probably be watching Fox News. 
I am pondering....upon some thoughts that I have had on prayer. I love to pray to my Heavenly Father. I receive great comfort through prayer. I often receive direction for my life when I pray. I like that I can talk to my Father in Heaven anywhere about anything and I do. I feel like He hears and answers my prayers. I am deeply graterful for that. The answers are not always what I would choose but I know that His will for me is more important than my own will. The true challenge is for our wills to be the same; I am working on that one. 
In my tomatoes are coming up. I planted squash, Zucchini and peppers. It isn't a large garden; but just right for us this year. 
A favorite quote for today...

A peek into one of my days...Here are some pictures from our back to nature moments from last Saturday. We had so much fun. 

One of my favorite to spend time with my family. My oldest son Sean has a birthday tomorrow so I am looking forward to being with his family to celebrate. 
From the board big decisions today; but something is coming soon. I just can't say what just yet. 
My Wish For Today~ To All you wonderful family and friends; have a lovely weekend and enjoy all of your precious moments together. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Best Of Fathers - Happy Father's Day To All~

Here are a few highlights of the men in my life that are the best of fathers.I have deep gratitude for the part they have played in my life. I love them all so much. I am wishing for them a wonderful Father's Day!

My Father - Millan
For the past several years I have been somewhat sad on Father's Day. My dearest Father passed away in October of 2001. He was the best of Dads and I loved him so much. I would love to be able to pick up a phone and hear his voice. My Dad loved to sing and would often sing in the car when we were driving somewhere. Oh, how I loved his songs. He loved to sing; "My Wild Irish Rose", "Buttons and Bows", "Danny Boy", and "Always" which was a favorite of my parents. I would love to hear him sing and hold his hand once more. Three years before my Dad passed away; he made a recording of some of his favorite songs, along with one that he made up the words too and gave it to my mother. He was a romantic man and loved my mother with all of his heart and soul and she felt the same for him. He was always hugging, kissing and dancing with her. 
My sweet Dad was raised by his Maternal Grandmother. Both of his parents passed away when he was very young. 
                   1st picture - My grandparents and my Dad - 2nd picture - My Dad in his blessings            gown. My grandmother made it for him and all three of my daughters were blessed in this gown. - 3rd & 4th picture my Dad with his father. 
I recently found some  additional pictures of my Dad when he was young and it was so fun to see what he looked like then. 
My Dad was a real cowboy. He dressed as one, rode a horse as one and loved to hunt and fish. He also was a Sheriff Deputy later on in life.  
As a young man my Dad was not active in our Church. However, he became very ill when I was about 6 years old and he had a profound spiritual experience that changed his life. 
I  know that my Father loved our Savior Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father with all of his heart. He was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He  taught me a lot on how to be a true Christian. He served several missions for our church. As a youth I remember watching my parents leave to go to the Manti LDS Temple which was a couple of hours away. They loved going to the temple. Later in life they were able to serve as a missionaries in the Cove Fort Mission. That was a highlight in their lives.
I owe a special thanks you to my Father for nurturing my testimony. I have deep gratitude to my Heavenly Father for providing me with such faithful and good parents. 
I have two older brothers and I was his only daughter of which he spoiled me a lot.
 Here are a few pictures of my Dad and I and also some precious memories~
My Dad was a rancher and farmer. He was a harder worker. I had many special times with him out on the farm and also on my Uncle's ranch. 
He loved to fish and we went on many fishing trips. I know that sometimes he would put a fish on the end of my fishing pole when I was off playing and then he would call out to me that I had a fish. 
When I was 9 years old my Dad lost his farm and went to work as an Ice Cream delivery man.  His route was from Richfield up to Eureka, Utah and back. On his route, he would deliver Ice Cream to different Cafes in the many small towns. I went with him a few times when he made these trips. He would often get me a little ice cream treat from the the back of the truck when he made stops. When we arrived in Eureka we would stay in a hotel room and he would take me to a movie; which generally was a cowboy movie. Even today I continue to enjoy watching cowboy movies. I always wanted to be Annie Oakley and spent many hours on the farm pretending I was. 
Every birthday and other special days he would buy me a Story Book Doll. I am sure Mother played a big part in this one too. I have quite a collection of these dolls. 
My Dad loved riding horses and would  take me on the horse with him when I was very small. I loved to ride horses with my family. One memorable trip that we had as a family was riding horses up on Fish Lake Mountain and staying in my uncles cabin for a few days.
  He loved to hunt deer and later on in life when I was married we went deer hunting with my family and always had such a good time. He was so fun to be with. My dear father had such a delightful personality; people loved to be around him. All of my children and many of my  grandchildren have had treasured moments with my Dad.
Here are three family pictures - The 1st picture is a favorite of mine; I am presently the only one  still here. The 2nd picture is their entire family - The third picture is the last picture taken before my Dad started with Alzheimer's.
My Dad loved sports and coached the town baseball team in Richfield for many years. My brothers became good at all of the sports and my Dad did not miss a game.  I felt like I was raised on a baseball field because we went to all of the games. I think I spent most of the time playing under the bleachers. 
My parents owned a Cafe in Richfield for a few years. I loved to work in the cafe and people loved to come because of my parents. They both had friendly and delightful personalities. 
when I was in 8th grade we moved to Salt Lake City. Both my parents worked full time at different jobs through the years. Again, my parents were so fun and my teenage friends enjoyed coming to our home to watch TV or play games. My Mother always made popcorn and my Dad was always joking around. 
Growing up I felt so blessed to have great parents. They were both always there for me. I have so many wonderful memories of them both. 
 The last six months of his life he was in a Care Center due to Alzheimer's. At one point he was assigned a room with another man. Somehow the two of them connected and we came in one day to hear them both singing some of the old time songs and it was so wonderful. We clapped and enjoyed the moment with tears streaming down our faces. They had an audience but didn't even know it
One of my fondest memories was my last dance. Growing up my Dad and Mom loved to go dancing. They belonged to a square dancing group for a while. My Dad was a very good dancer. Whenever there was dance music playing in our home; he would grab my mother and dance with her and then he would always dance with me too. 
When he developed Alzheimer's disease and was in the  Care Center; I flew down  from my home in Spokane to Las Vegas to see him  a few times before he passed a way. The amazing thing about my Dad was that he always remembered who my mom was and he would always remember me. He had a pet name that he called me and it was Leanne. I miss hearing him say that name. One of the last visits that I made to see him in the Care Center; my mom and I took him down  to the recreation room. There was music playing and he grabbed my mom and danced a way with her.  When the music stopped he came over to me and as the music began again I had a last dance with my precious Dad. I will treasure that memory forever. 
Towards the end he was put in the Hospice Hospital that I had worked at for  a few years when we lived in Las Vegas.  My husband and I flew down and that day ended up being his last night. I had encouraged my mother and everyone else to go home and get some rest. My husband and I stayed at his bedside and I was holding my Dad's hand when he took his last breathe. 
I love you Daddy, I miss you and I will be yours forever. 
My Dad and I~
Happy Father's Day To My Dearest Husband, Roger ~
 My Husband is the sweetest, most gentle and kind man that I know. He has great wisdom and has given strong counsel to his children through the years. His life is centered in Christ and that is one of his greatest attributes. He is a true disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is a most giving and generous man. I have seen him give to others countless times in many different ways. He loves the temple and enjoys serving there. We both enjoy this great work.
He has worked hard his whole life to be a good provider for his family. He is always there when there is a need. Our children have had great advantages due to his hard work.
Serving an Inner City Mission with this dear man taught me many things about caring for others.  While serving on our Inner City mission we were heading home one late afternoon. He noticed that there was a car stalled in the middle of a very busy street. We pulled into a parking lot and he got out of the car and ran out into a busy road to see if the woman in the car was OK. We were not in a good area of the city; so I was a bit frightened by the situation. He did not hesitate for a moment to help. She was so grateful to him and another man who came to help her get the car to the side of the road. My husband stayed until her family came.
He is a very good Dad. His children often come to him for blessings. I have witnessed miracles as he has exercised his priesthood in my behalf and that of our family. 
While raising our children he would often help me when they were sick and up in the middle of the night. He has walked the floors and rocked our children many times when they were ill. 
I love to watch him when  he is with our grandchildren and great grandchildren. He loves them so much.
Finally, my dear one is very brave. He has had some severe health issues that he has gone through over the years. He has had great faith and perseverance during these hard moments.
I feel such deep gratitude to have him as my eternal companion and the father of our forever family. I love you Roger with all my heart. 

Happy Father's Day To All Of My Sons, Son in laws and Grandsons~
Top row - My son's; Sean, Travis and James
Middle row - My son in laws; Brandon, Michael and Dave
Bottom row - My grandsons; Jed and Jacob
Each of these dear sons, son in laws and grandsons have brought great joy into my life. They are all good men and great Dads. They each have special qualities that I love about them. They have added much fun and spontaneity to our lives. May they all have a marvelous Father's Day celebration. We love you all!
Revision of a post with added content and pictures - June of 2011 ~

Friday, June 12, 2015

Forty Eight Wonderful Years With My Knight In Shinning Armor - Saturday June 13th ~

Our First Moments~
On that very first date when you held my hand, I knew what first love was,
You always amaze me and I can feel deep inside what your love does.
Even those moments when we have been apart,
I have known that you would always have my heart.
I looked forward to the day that I would be your wife,
And we would be on the path to our eternal life.
We’ve been through a lot in our 48 years,
Our love grows stronger, more  clear and more dear.
I love you so much for walking by my side,
When I think of you my dearest one, I am always filled with  pride.
by LeAnn
LeAnn - 
When I was just a little girl; I knew that out there somewhere was a Knight in shining armor; who was just for me.
Roger -
 As the time neared for me to be your bride; I was so thrilled to be forever yours~
 I felt inside that you were feeling the exact same way on our wedding day~
We had such a beautiful Wedding ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple~
I loved that we were married and sealed by an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ,
It was such a joyous and memorable day.

We had a lovely reception shared with wonderful friends and family. 
Top Picture LeAnn's parents, Roger and LeAnn and Roger's Parents - We miss them so much; they help make this such a special moment. 
Lower Left picture - Roger, Bruce (Roger's brother), John, (LeAnn's brother), Michael, (Roger's brother), John and Don, (Roger's brother in laws).
Lower, Right Picture - Kellie Jayne, (our niece), Annette, Diana, Danelle, (LeAnn's close 
friends), Marilyn, (LeAnn's Sister in law), LeAnn

 We have been together for 48 loving and priceless years. 
You are the only one for me and I for you. 
Our love is forever~
 Happy Anniversary to my dearest husband whom I treasure with all my heart. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

"The Still Small Voice" ~

Elder Williams and Elder Bugg~
I thought today I would share a story written by my son, Sean about an experience my Grandson, Jackson had recently while serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Jackson is currently serving in a rural community in central Nebraska. They cover a wide area of small towns, with homes and farms spread throughout. They do a lot of service for both members and non-members of the LDS church there. Due to the amount of service they drive a pick-up truck.)
One day, this spring Jackson and his companion were out driving on a dirt/gravel road. Jackson's companion, Elder Bugg was behind the wheel. At some point during their journey Elder Bugg felt prompted to put the truck into 4 wheel drive, although he didn't know quite why at the time. They weren't driving too fast, like The Dukes of Hazard, to begin with....however switching to 4 wheel drive did slow down their pace a little. They were proceeding on their journey when at some point they came around a turn in the road. There was a thick tree line on both sides of the road. This turn in the road coupled with the thick trees obscured their view of an oncoming, full speed, train on the opposite side of the tree line. The road crossed the tracks but being a country dirt road there was no warning or gate. The train was not blowing a whistle. They saw the train just in time to make a skidding halt, on gravel, thus avoiding a collision. Now in their minds they have no doubt that angels were watching over them, that god was with them & that prayers for their safety were answered. For had not Elder Bugg received that prompting to shift into 4 wheel drive, their rate of speed and timing could have been such that they were T-boned by that train.
I have no doubt that prayers are answered and that these two young men still have a work to do in Nebraska.
We are so grateful that Elder Bugg heard that still small voice and that they were spared. We know that Angels do watch over the missionaries. 
You can learn more about what the missionaries do here. You can learn more about our faith here

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Sweet Month of May - A Collection of Family Moments~

Life is bright, colorful and fun for 
children making the May Pole run~

"Sweet May hath come to love us,
Flowers, trees, their blossoms don;
And through the blue heavens above us
The very clouds move on."
-  Heinrich Heine, Book of Songs

Precious Family Moments of May Fun~
On May first our youngest daughter Tiffani and her family were here for lunch only. They dropped by to see us quickly. It was fun. We took some pictures of course and then someway I only ended up with this one above. The rest went out into space somewhere on the computer. I was really bummed out and have continued to search for them. 
Sarah my granddaughter and Tiffani~ 
 Our Daughter Christina and our son in law Brandon arrived here from Australia. They came for his Grandmother's funeral and other family activities. They were here for a week and we had so much fun being with them. One of our favorite events was attending the Payson Utah Temple Open House. If you have never seen inside one of our temples go to the open houses before they are dedicated. The temples are so beautiful inside and out. This was a fun one to tour. We had a great time. You can find pictures of the Temple's interior here. 
 Roger and LeAnn & Christina and Brandon at the Payson Utah Temple~

We traveled to Heber City after the temple open house to have dinner with our Son Sean and daughter in law, Mary's family. We met at Cafe Rio and had a great dinner and family time with them. There's nothing better than sweet moments with family. 
Sean and Mary with their children, Gillian, Joseph, Jonathan, Jeffery and Joshua -  Jessica our granddaughter in law with our three great granddaughter's Jadyn, Lilly and Myah -

Over the Memorial Day Weekend we headed to Richfield, Utah to decorate graves. Here are some pictures of those moments. We had a great time. We visited with my dearest Aunt Alene and Uncle Keith. They are both 94 years old and we always love it when we can see them. It was a great weekend filled with some tears when visiting the graves of those we have lost. We found some of our ancestors graves this year and were able to decorate them; which was awesome. We took our beloved dog Sammy with us and he was fun. 
Well that's all folks for our month of May~ Hope you all had a great month too. Hugs~

Friday, May 22, 2015

In Memory Of The Unread Letter ~

Front row - My Mother, Leone, Me, and My Father, Millan
Back row - My oldest brother, Mac and my younger brother, John ~

As I have been anticipating Memorial Day Weekend this year; my heart has turned to my own family. This will be the first year without my brother John. Memorial day is to not only honor those who have given their lives for this great country but also those near and dear to us who have passed on. Since 2001, I have lost my parents and both brothers. Tears have been shed the last few days as my thoughts have been turned towards them all. I am looking forward to decorating their graves this year and remembering precious moments with them. 
Memorial Day has always been a big tradition in my own family. Each year we would travel to the cemeteries that our grandparents were buried in. I didn't know my grandparents on my Dad's side. His oldest brother, Max died at the age of two from pneumonia in 1914.  My Dad was born in August of 1916. His mother Maggie passed away from Brights disease in January of 1917. My father was only 5 months old at the time. 
My Grandmother, Maggie with my Dad, Millan~

 My Dad's Father Herbert was in the 1st World War and was killed in the trenches over in France on June  14th, 1918. My Dad was only 22 months old. 
My Grandfather Bert with my Dad, Millan Gledhill~

I have in my possession letters that were written between my Grandfather, Herbert (nicknamed Bert) and my Grandmother, Lillie Belle Gledhill. 
The following letter is the last one my grandfather wrote on June 13th,1918. He was killed the following day on June 14th,1918.
Dearest Parents;
 Once more I sit down to drop you a line. I am writing in a hurry to give to the runner to mail. I am still OK enjoying life as well as possible under these conditions. I will write you a long letter as soon as I get back from the front. A soldier friend just gave me this paper so I might write you and tell you I was still here and that the Germans didn't have me yet. I have received two or three letters from you since I last wrote but have been unable to write sooner and only by chance now writing on my knee. By your letters it seems like you are worrying about me now. Don't do it, for I am all right. I have had some real experiences all right but can't expect any thing else over here. Well the runner is here waiting for my note. I know him, so he is waiting. I am showing the picture of my boy to entertain him while I write. Give my love to all the folks, McMillan s, also I will write them all as soon as I can. I received a letter from Marion S. He had me beat for experiences on the ship but nothing to compare with mine on the land. I will tell you more of them when I can write. Well, will close with the love of a true son. 
Pvt. Herbert F. Gledhill. 
My Great Grandmother Lillie Belle Gledhill
Here is the letter that my Great Grandmother wrote to him; which was after he had already been killed. His parents were not informed of his death until June 27th, 1918. This letter was written on June 20th,1918. 
Our darling boy;
 How are you my angel, how are those crawlers using you. Did you get rid of them. I see by the papers that those lice are scattering fever and disease among our Americans. Tell me the truth about it, I feel so anxious about you and they certainly would not object to you letting one know how you are. And darling, are you in the trenches? Have you had to fight? We see by the papers that the Americans are doing wonders. They are very courageous and fight like demons. They have held their lines well, drove the enemy back and back, etc. We are happy when we hear they are blest and doing so well to bring peace. It seems a dreadful thing to shed so much blood to bring about peace and righteousness. The world is certainly ripe with iniquity and God will have a righteous people. If they will not listen, troubles will be fall them and sweep them of the earth and a more perfected people rule. 
My but it seems terrible though, but we are proud of our Solider Boy who has sacrificed so much for his country and people to help bring about peace. Some mothers has given their all; some two, three, and four boys. When I know of this I think, oh what a sacrifice but how great the blessing. My thoughts by day and by night is upon you. Sometimes, I feel your presence with me. I feel you near me with those loving arms around me and I am trying my best to be as you want me to be. 
Our darling son, God bless and take charge of you. Keep yourself pure and clean my boy. Use your influences for good every chance you have. Explain the saving principles of the gospel to your associates and comrades.If you can get but one soul to forsake sin and work for eternal blessings great will be your reward.  We know we feel assured you are preaching the gospel. I just heard of a man who had written home, that had been on 2 previous church missions and was right in the trenches. But says he; I have done more good by living right and every opportunity I have I explain our teachings of the gospel, our organization, etc, than done in all the 4 1/2 years on my missions. I have investigators; they love to hear of us and our people and our country. We boys are missionaries over here; many testimonies do we hear of like so many boys there, so many writing to their folks at home. 
We do tell of our boy doing his best; wishing he knew more to tell of our faith but we know with out a doubt he is preaching by his living. You can do so much there and you are going to do so much to bring about righteousness in the earth. Never get discouraged darling, trust in the Lord every day, every hour. You need him. Bullets may fly all over you and yet if it's God's will, he can save you. So darling trust I know you do, but I want to keep you thinking and praying every minute for the strength to carry you through safe. 
Well I am 2 or 3 days behind with any letter, sorry to say I have been cleaning house since I came from the temple and have been so tired I couldn't write. Our Conference Relief Society and Stake next Sat. and Sun. at Monroe. I am expecting to take the visiting sisters home with me, so I had to get to work. I could not let them see us so dirty and I've only done so little too. I can't do as I have done before. I give out and get so tired. I just sit down and cry as if that would help the work. I am not so young as I was a half century ago. 
The folks are all well. I sent your letter to Jane on to Manti where she is working in the temple. I will send your locket with this letter. I have been trying to get the picture of Maggie taken small enough to go in it to Mrs. McMillan. ( my Grandmother's mother) She had one taken of one at Salt Lake. She just brought it yesterday so I will send it right on to you. You can wear it around your neck and carry it with you everywhere night and day. It has our Monogram on the outside and will be a comfort to you to see your wife and baby with you. You will feel her influence too and help to guard you from harm.  
I must close for this time, we haven't had breakfast. Papa was to mill yesterday for grist. It's been raining everyday a little for several days. It's cleared and fine, we certainly appreciate the rain. As the crops were burning all the canals have broken through with the floods. 
Boys are in the beets everyday; they work so hard. Well darling be wise and careful. Take good care of yourself - write as often as you can. Verge is on the ocean. Frank Kane in Texas. 
May God bless and care for our angel boy, take charge of him and return him safe to us. Won't it be a day of rejoicing though when you all come marching home. Those loving words you wrote to Mother on Mother's day; that pamphlet of sweet sentiments of yours. I prize every word every line. Tell me when you get your locket. Did you get the crystal for your watch? You should send the one your Papa gave you home and Papa can get it fixed.
(Transcribed from the original letters)

 Here are pictures of this precious locket mentioned above with a picture of my Dad on one side and a picture of his mother on the other. It is one of my greatest treasures.

May you all remember those that have gone on before and enjoy celebrating their lives and perhaps decorating their graves this Memorial Day~ 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kindness Begins With Me~

When I think if moments where I have felt great happiness it has usually been around a moment of kindness. Acts of kindness are tremendously powerful. I have found that simple acts of kindness can have a long lasting effect on those involved. 
The thought Pay It Forward has been used in reference to acts of kindness. 
Here is a sweet story  entitled; "Pay it Forward- Kinks in the Chain of Kindness by Don. H. Morris. 
“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.” Goethe
Have you ever had someone do something really nice for you, but you didn't know who it was to thank them? When I was in graduate school on a limited budget I was running very short on funds one month. One day when I checked my mail, there was a plain white envelope with no return address. Inside was a twenty dollar bill, with a note that read, “Enjoy!” The note was unsigned. I never found out the identity of my unknown benefactor.
I still remember twenty-five years later the extra boost I got from knowing someone out there sensed my need and demonstrated their love in so tangible a manner.
Years later I heard about “Random Acts of Kindness.” The idea is that you do something unexpectedly nice for another human being, without expecting any thanks or pay. Often Random Acts of Kindness are done anonymously, as in my experience. In this way a domino effect is created. One person receives a kindness, then passes it on to others, who pass it on to still others. Tiny points of light are multiplied, until the whole world becomes brighter.
In this spirit, you can play the Generosity Game. To play, simply do something good for someone anonymously, and give them a card that says: “It’s Your Turn! Pass It On.”*
But kindness and generosity need not be either random or anonymous. In the movie Pay It Forward (Warner Brothers, 2000), a junior high class is given the assignment to do something that will change the world. Young Trevor McKinney (played by Haley Joel Osmont) decides that if people consciously choose to “pay ’em forward” when someone does something nice for them instead of “paying ’em back” for slights and insults, then the world could indeed change for the better.
Trevor started the ball rolling by doing something nice for three people, and asked each to do the same for three others. When they “paid it forward” they were to explain why they did what they did, and ask the people they helped to keep the ball rolling. At first the Pay It Forward project seemed to be a failure, since the recipients of the good deeds did not follow through with good deeds of their own. When they finally did, Pay It Forward became a popular movement across the country.
Pay It Forward was only a movie, with an unsatisfactory ending. But author Catherine Ryan Hyde’s vision lives on. Every day across the world millions of people find themselves as links in a chain. They receive many acts of kindness, both large and small, both from anonymous benefactors and from people they know and love. Many of them in turn show kindness and love to others in their lives.
So join the ranks of people who perform acts of kindness, without any thought of payment or thanks. Do something nice to brighten the day of people you encounter as you go through your life.
But don’t limit your kindness to strangers. Your friends and family need your planned, intentional demonstrations of caring, too. Be a Cage Opener who nurtures the dreams of those around you. Break chains of negative behavior by responding to insults with compliments. Look for opportunities to lift the spirits of someone who appears discouraged. Share the blessings you have received with those in need.
A popular song reminds us that “it only takes a spark to get a fire going” (from Pass It On by Kurt Kaiser). Be that spark today!
About the Author: Don H. Morris is a life coach in Memphis, Tennessee, who helps people discover their strengths and achieve their dreams. Don often uses television, movies, and popular songs as metaphors in his coaching. See more of Don’s articles here.

I  challenge to all of you dear bloggers out there; "Pay It Forward" - Join in the generosity game. Be part of a story you can share. Let's bring the joy of kindness into our lives. You can always find someone to be a recipient of an act of kindness by you.  Enjoy this challenge; it will bring a warm feeling of happiness to you. 


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