Monday, April 14, 2014

"Because of Him" - My Brother Will Live Again~

My dear brother John was recently told that his cancer was back. It had metastasized into his spine and brain. He was given about 2 months to live. In actuality he only lived two more weeks. I feel so blessed that I was able to be with him and his loving family for a few days while he was still able to communicate.
 My husband, Roger, Brother John and Me~
Here is my brother John, his wife Gloria, his three daughters, wife Gloria 
and their precious grandchildren~
Within a few days, he slowly slipped into a coma  He passed away peacefully, early in the morning on a beautiful Sabbath Day. I felt so blessed to be here with his family. 
Grieving is hard work. Having been a hospice nurse for 7 years I am familiar with the grieving process. The emotions are difficult at times. I even had brief moments of anger because he is the last from my family. However, because of Him our Savior Jesus Christ I know he will live again and I know that I will see him again. I know that he is sealed to my parents and brother Mac. We are an eternal family. I know that #BecauseofHim my brother had a wonderful reunion in the spirit world with my sweet father, mother and brother along with many other relative that have gone before. 
This Easter is the time to share our thoughts on our beloved Savior Jesus Christ. Let's spread the hopeful and joy filled message of Jesus Christ~ 
Here you can find stories and videos on "The Meaning Of Easter".

Friday, April 4, 2014

Come Listen To A Prophet's Voice~

Although I am still on a Blog and Face Book break; I thought I would post the following information on the upcoming General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that begins tomorrow. 
We believe in a living Prophet and 12 Apostles. They  along with other assigned general authorities and Woman  leaders over the Primary, Young Women and Relief Society programs will be delivering messages of  faith in Jesus Christ, hope, love, service, missionary work and etc. over the next two days. 
The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints~
The 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints~
The General Relief Society Presidency~
The General Young Women Presidency~
The General Primary Presidency~
Here is the information for how to view this conference. 
Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6, 2014. The Saturday general sessions will be at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. MDT. Sunday sessions will be on 9:30 a.m., which includes "Music and the Spoken word," and 2 p.m. The general priesthood meeting will be held in the Conference Center on Saturday, April 5, at 6 p.m.
You can find more information on the Church and it's Leaders

General conference is broadcast via satellite to church meetinghouses throughout the world, and it is available through television, radio, the Internet and other media.
Go to and click on “General Conference” for a complete list of TV, radio or satellite reception options for all 50 states, plus Canada and Bermuda, or call 1-800-537-3063 for general conference inquiries.
On the Web: Live broadcast will be available through (video and audio), General Conference YouTube ChannelBYUtv and BYUtv International as well as through the Mormon Channel (app, website and Roku Channel).
What is General conference ~

I will be back in a couple of weeks to catch up on your blog posts.
Blessings, love and hugs!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook - Prayer Needed Today~

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Enjoy reading and perhaps join the fun!
Outside my window.....It is a very dreary day. Yesterday there was a hope for spring and now we are back in the rain with the temperatures in the low 40's. We are in drought conditions and need the snow and rain. I would say our prayers are being answered. 
I am thinking...that it would be nice right this minute to take off to a movie or maybe a mini vacation; sounds wonderful. It's not going to happen; but I will put it on my wish list for sometime soon. 
I am for the simple and wondrous daily moments when I feel that I am being watched over and blessed by a loving Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for prayer.  I do have a true testimony of the power of prayer. I know I have discussed this before but I am grateful to know that I can pray anytime and anywhere. For the past several days I have been wearing holes in the knees of my pants as I have keeled and offered intense prayers in behalf of my husband, my brother and his family, my children, grandchildren and a dear friend. Each of my children are carrying heavy burdens of care. My dear brother has been in the hospital this week and his cancer has spread to his Spine. He is my only sibling left.  My sweet husband has not passed his kidney stone yet; so he was back to the doctor today. A dear friend has had so many health issues since she was in a severe car accident 3 years ago. My heart has been saddened by all of these difficulties. My prayers have been more fervent and tears have wet my pillow. 
After taking with my brother I felt great peace. He has a positive attitude and plans to live his life to the fullest. With his positive thoughts my spirit was lifted. I do believe that faith proceeds the miracle. Prayer does bring me peace. I know that my Savior is near and walks with me. I am grateful for this precious gift of prayer. 
I am grateful for the temple. At the temple I receive comfort and peace. I have often received answers to prayers while in the temple. I have also felt close to those who have passed through this life. I have had some sweet spiritual experiences within the walls of the temple. 
Here is a picture of the temple I serve in. 
You can read more about temples here:
In the kitchen...I was going to cook something simple tonight. However, my dear husband had to run an errand so he said he would bring back some salmon sandwiches for dinner. Yeah!
I am pants, teal silk blouse, black socks and shoes and a black sweater. Today we are back to sweater weather. 
I am finish up this blog and do some journaling. I am a bit behind on my journal. 
I am my dear grandson is doing in the MTC. He did email his parents on Monday; so they forwarded it to me.  It was such a wonderful email telling his family how much he is enjoying being in the Missionary Training Center. He is learning so much and is so filled with the Spirit. He is excited to be learning how to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so proud of him. 
I am reading.... The Book of Mormon as always. I am through with the writings of Nephi in The Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi: 7-26; which was about the prophecies of Isaiah. I learned so much more about the writings of Isaiah. The study manual I am using had me cross reference with the writings of Isaiah in the Bible.  I have spent a lot of time in these chapters. 

The Visions of Isaiah~

I am continuing to enjoy; "The Triumph of Zion, Our Personal Quest For The New Jerusalem. I have learned so much about Zion and becoming a Zion person. It is true that in order to have a Zion society one must first be a Zion person. I am discovering many things about Zion that I did not understand or know before. 
I just started reading this book and I am loving it. The  challenge in the book is to do What a Holy Woman would do. The author asked several woman in different stages of life to act upon 
what they think a holy woman would do in their day to day life experiences. Their stories were compelling. 
 I am hoping...that those I love can have life a little easier. I am hoping that prayers will be answered. I am hoping that I can accept the Lord's will in the lives of others and myself. I  learn many lessons from my day to day life experiences. Usually, the hard times are just more blessings in disguise.  I do know that the difficulties of life cause me to reach for our Savior more often and my prayers are more focused. I become more humble and teachable. 
I am looking spring. I will be so happy to see the sun peek out from behind the clouds as it warms the earth. 

I am learning....more about what is really important in my life. I want to know what is the most important thing to be doing with my time and energies.
Around the house..I am not doing all that much. I do need clean my house. In fact, I am planning on starting some spring cleaning soon. 
I am pondering...upon going on a technology break. I need a blog and face book vacation. I plan to do this for a couple of weeks. I may peek into your days once in a while during this time. I love to read your posts. You need to know that you are true friends and I love you and enjoy following your thoughts and life experiences. I am not sure I will be able to go on this vacation for very long. There is a slight addiction with this. I will miss you all!
One of my favorite visiting with dear friends either in person or on the phone. 
A pet Peeve.....I am really tired of not being able to actually talk with people on the phone anymore, especially family and close friends. With face book and texting we don't communicate on a one on one basis. It makes me sad, I like to hear the sweet voices of those I love. 
Something new about I love art. I wish I could draw or paint. We have several lovely paintings in our home. My favorite is a picture of the Savior entitled; "Walk With Me" by Greg Olsen.
I also have a lovely picture of the First Vision that my children gave us us a few years ago along with their written testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
First Vision by Leon Parson - If you want to know about the First Vision you can look here.

One of my guilty pleasures...I love to take naps and I need one right now. I don't take naps very often. Sometimes, on a Saturday afternoon after our temple shift, I fall a sleep for a while. 
A few plans for the rest of the week: Do my temple schedule - catch up my journal - My son's family is coming tomorrow to stay overnight. They are flying to San Diego for fun in the sun - Saturday, the temple of course and then Sunday is just always sweet.  
A  Favorite Picture to share......
Enjoy The Moments! 
Blessings and hugs for all~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Missionary - Elder Jackson Williams~

Provo Mission Training Center - MTC
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have 405 missions throughout the world. Our young men and women volunteer to serve on these missions There are also many adult couples that serve. The young men can choose to go on a mission at the age of 18 years old. The young women can go on a mission when they are 19 years old. The young men serve for two years and the young women for 18 months.  You may have seen young men and young women walking, or riding bicycles around your area. The young men are typically in suits and the young women in dresses. They are usually just two of them that comprise a companionship. All of the missionaries pay for their own missions either from money they have earned, with their families help and or if the family can't pay for their mission there are funds to assist. Members of the church can donate money to their ward or general mission fund. Before leaving for a mission the missionaries go through one of our temples. There are 142 temples around the world.  Here you can learn why we build temples. 
Jackson our grandson received his Missionary call on January 15th to the Omaha, Nebraska mission; you can read about it here.   Jackson went through the Provo Temple on February 13th 2014.
Provo Temple~
 It was a very special occasion. You can read more about the Mission Training Centers here.
 Jackson entered the Provo Missionary Training Center yesterday on Wednesday, March 19th. Here he will be trained to be a missionary for three weeks. After the three weeks he will fly to his mission area in Omaha, Nebraska.We are so excited for him. He will be a great missionary. 

 This is a picture of Jackson just after he gave a talk in Sacrament meeting.
 We commonly call this a mission farewell talk. 
His message was on our Savior, Jesus Christ's Atonement.
 After Church we went to Jackson's home to celebrate this occasion~
 Friends and family gather together~
 Here is my dear husband, Jackson's grandfather~
 Our Granddaughter in law with her two sons; Baby Sagan and Jaden~
Jacob, our grandson~
Sean, Mary and their friend Tammy~
 Tammy and Mary~
Our grand daughter in law, Jessica and our grandson Jed.
On Tuesday night, Jackson was set apart by their Stake President. The Stake President through the priesthood gives him the rights and privileges of an Elder. This is when he officially starts his mission. He is now called Elder Williams.

The following are pictures taken just after he was set apart~
Pictures of our future missionaries~


 Joseph, age 15

 Jeffery, age 9~
 Joshua, age 7 - Note that he is sitting by the Bishop of their ward. 
He looks like a future Missionary and perhaps a Bishop someday. 

Grandmother, Virginia- Mary's mother, Mary, Jackson, Joseph,
 Grandfather, Roger and Grandmother, LeAnn
Jeffery and Joshua~

 Grandfather, Jackson and Grandmother~
Jackson's parents -
Mary, Jackson, and Sean

After the setting apart blessing, we took Jackson to dinner. When we dropped him off it was hard to say good-by. He will be gone for 2 years. We will be emailing, sending fun packages, and writing letters to him for the next two years. We are so pleased with his desire to serve a mission. 
 On Wednesday his parents took him out to lunch before entering the MTC. 
Jackson on the way to the MTC~
On this day there are a large number of Elders and Sisters that will come to the Provo MTC. This happens every Wednesday. Their are approx. 3,800 missionaries in the Provo MTC at it's capacity. If the missionaries are going on a foreign language mission, they are in the MTC for 6 to 8 weeks. The Provo MTC teaches 50 languages. There are 15 MTC's  throughout the world. There are over 80,000 missionaries serving  at this time.
You can learn more about church statistics here. 
Here you can learn all about being a missionary in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Monday, March 10, 2014

What A Roller Coaster Ride~

These past few weeks have been like a Roller Coaster ride. There has been the slow climb to the top with the accelerating race to the bottom. Sometimes, it seems like I am up and down and swinging around. At times I am holding my breath and next I am screaming (crying) like I can't stop. To tell you the truth I don't like the Roller Coaster at all; but I do like life even with all of it's up's and downs. I am grateful for the the opportunity to be on this challenging ride called life.
On the way to Washington for our Grandson's baptism, we learned that my sweet Aunt Della had passed away.  We were in the Denver Airport at the time and it was a difficult moment. Some would say, why would you be upset; she was 100 years old and had a remarkable life? Or, it has been said that since she was in pain during the last several months of her life; it was a blessing she could go. I would agree with all of this but, she was such a dear aunt and along with my parents and brother who have gone before her; I will miss her more than mere words can express. She was like a second mother and I loved her. She had so many wonderful characteristics. She was delightful to be around. She was intelligent, wise, caring and just so much fun. She was such a good listener. She  knew my thoughts and feelings about my own life. She was  such a beautiful lady in every way. Although almost totally blind she would always dress up in a lovely pantsuit with her jewelry on. She loved the color pink and had saved out a pink pantsuit to be buried in. She looked so beautiful in this suit and she was adorned with special pearl earrings and necklace. I am sure she liked that.
Losing a loved one to death is  a poignant moment. I am grateful for the memories of all those I have lost in death. You don't ever forget them and the loss never goes away. It is part of life. It is part of the Roller Coaster ride that you said you would take when you left the pre-mortal life to come here. 
My Aunt had a lovely funeral and I am sure she was present in the spirit and I know she loved it. My lovely Aunt Della, I love you and I will miss you so much!

We arrived at my daughters home and enjoyed 4 wonderful days with their family. Little William age eight was baptized and confirmed by his father.

Dave and William
Tiffani, Dave and William

Roger and I with Dave and Tiffani's family along 
with Dave's Parents and his Sister's family~
 He is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On Sunday in their Sacrament meeting he was presented as one of the newest members in the ward. What a very choice little boy he is. During the entire hour of the Sacrament meeting he was sitting quietly holding his scriptures and listening to the testimonies of the gospel that were given by various members of the this ward in their Fast and Testimony meeting.
 Our days there went fast but we enjoyed being with this endearing family. Each of our four precious grandchildren were so much fun in each of their own individual ways. On Sunday evening my husband and son in law gave my dear daughter a priesthood blessing. She has a physical condition called EOE. Her father gave her a marvelous blessing; and it was a tearful moment for all. I will treasure the memories of this visit. 
We came home on Monday and the week was filled with many activities. I was blessed to be able to write my  Aunt Della's Obituary. Just doing this one thing was so sad but sweet too. 
I had completed  my Aunt's history for her 100th Birthday in September. We had worked on it for a long time. 
As I wrote her thoughts and feeling about her life experiences; my life was elevated by her truly remarkable journey. Just to hear her side of the many things she lived through was fascinating.  She lived when there was a flu epidemic in 1922 that took many lives. Her mother and two sisters and herself had the flu. My mother told me once that their ears were so infected that blood drained from them. Meanwhile, my grandfather was trying to help others in near by farms along with his own family who were ill. While doing this he became sick himself. Within a few days he died of complications from this vicious flu.  My Aunt was 8 years old, my mother 6 years old and my other Aunt Alene,14 months old.  This left my grandmother a widow at a very young age. Life was harsh for them.
Aunt Della also lived during the great Depression, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Deseret Storm, and other conflicts since then. Her only son served in the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and served with the Red Cross. She is well acquainted with the trauma of wars.
In her youth, she lived in a home without any modern conveniences.  There is nothing like an outhouse and not having inside water. We laughed together about some of the things that she had to do in this era. There were so many inventions through her 100 years of life. For instance, electricity, telephones, cars, airplanes, radio, television, computers, and many other items that make life easier for us. She thought the airplane was one of the greatest inventions. She said her father was an inventor of sorts and that he wanted to design an airplane. Oh, the fun stories she shared with me. My Aunt was not only beautiful, but spunky, stubborn and just delightful to be around. She loved to visit and wherever she went she was loved  by those who knew her. She had many that called her a friend. 
During these past few weeks I have witnessed beautiful moments of love and also sad moments of grief. Each of these experiences have left me with many thoughts to ponder upon.
This weekend has been  filled with a spirit of love. I soaked up the spirit during our temple shift. I have such a deep love for the temple. This is the one place that I can go to feel peace, love and to learn and grow in my understanding of The Great Plan Of Happiness. How beautiful are the thoughts that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ provided the way for us to someday walk with them again. There are so many blessings that come from Temple service. 
Our Ward Conference today was so inspiring. I was deeply touched by the messages given.  Our ward choir sang the song: "In The Coming Day". It sums up my feeling of these past weeks. The up's and down's are all part of the plan for us all. My greatest desire is to someday see my Savior ( in the coming day.)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heartfelt Moments And Blessings~

Sometime life has so many twists and turns. Lately, I just can't seem to manage my life, my time, and my goals. I seem to be running on crisis mode most of the time. I suppose this is just life and how it is sometimes. I think I had visualized life at my age as simple with few pressures.  I thought I would be sitting by the fire reading a good book.  I guess the challenge is to try to slow down the turns and wiggle out of the twists. These past two weeks have been a rough road. 
I really enjoy writing blog posts. I know that I am not a great writer but I do like to write from my heart. I find that when I am writing, it is a way to let go of some of my pent-up emotions and helps me think through my life choices. I seem to find a clearer path when I am reading and writing about various subjects. I hope by writing today that it will help me find my way through the twists and turns of the past few days. 

Another forum for writing is in my personal journals. Writing in my journal has been such a blessing in my life.   I have several large journal books of my thoughts and feelings through the years. They contain my life experiences. I am hoping that I have expressed lessons learned and gratitude for every moment I have had on this earth. I know in there are priceless memories of our marriage together, our children our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. I have written about our parents and siblings through the years. I know that my journals are full of rich experiences in various assignments in our church. I have had many unique experiences that have been faithfully recorded in my journals. I have shared my testimony of my faith in our Savior and the blessings given to me by a loving Heavenly Father. I have written about our family traditions, our vacations, our fun moments with family and friends. I have written of many priesthood blessings given and the healing that has come. I have also written about the hard struggles of my life and the lessons in faith that have occurred during those times. I have found that our greatest growth comes after the trial of our faith. 
 During my nursing career I had so many special experiences with providing nursing care to others. I learned great lessons from those that I cared for. I have many stories stored in those journals of special sacred moments before death overtook those dear (patient) friends. I had many spiritual experiences where I witnessed those nearing death communicating beyond the veil. My testimony grew considerably in life after death. I also witnessed the miracle of modern day technology in saving lives. I felt the rush of acting quickly to help one in an emergency situation. 
Through the years I have been blessed with remarkable friends who have enriched my life. Each one of them has left an impact on me. Their loving kindness and service have lifted me in moments of need. These sweet times are recorded in my journal.
The journal has been the format for writing when I have a need to express my deepest thoughts and feelings. In blogging I share a lot of life experiences; but my journal  is reserved for those deeper spiritual moments and feelings that have helped to heal my soul. Those private thoughts where I have expressed my deepest concerns and my most profound gratitude. 
 I desire with all my heart to express positive thoughts and feelings here. However, sometimes in order to find that positive thought one must experience some of the negative sides of life. 
Adam and Eve were plainly taught that there is opposition in all things in order to bring forth the purposes of God.. We must know pain and misery in order to feel and recognize joy and peace. I know that in order to become a more Christ like person, one must go through various stages of growth. These times are usually difficult. We find the rainbow after we have been through the storm.  I know this to be true. 
Today I have a need to write the feelings of my heart. Just yesterday I had a day that I thought would never end. First of all I have had to make a difficult choice. I  had my Aunt Della going through the final stages of her life. I have been trying to go out to be with her and her family each day. My husband had a kidney stone episode over the weekend and it took a while to get that diagnosed. He has been in tremendous pain on and off.  As of writing this post he still hasn't passed the stone. Meanwhile, we purchased airline tickets to fly to Spokane to be at our grandson's baptism on Saturday. So the question was shall we go or shall we stay. My Aunt Della has been so dear to me that I wanted to be with her.However, I also felt that I needed to be with my grandson. Thus far we have never missed a baptism for any of our grandchildren. My daughter has an health issue that I am concerned about and I want to be with her and help in some way. My cousin felt I should go to this family event. He said he wouldn't have the funeral without me. He also planned to take a day or two to get some much needed rest from the stress of caring for his mother before making the final plans. It was still hard to make this decision. 
We are now in the Denver airport on a layover. I just contacted my cousin and my Aunt passed away this afternoon. This is a very emotional moment because I was also flying home from Denver in 2006 when my mother passed away. My brother had called me just as we got on the flight out of Denver to Salt Lake and I cried all the way home.  I have not been able to be with either of them during those last few minutes of their life. It is difficult for me understand the timing of these events. However, I whispered in my Aunt Della's ear last night that I loved her. I told her that her husband, my mother, father and her parents would be there to escort her to her new home in the spirit world. I know this is true. 
I know that angels are near to bear my cousin, his family and my Aunt Alene up during this sad time. I know that they will have the comfort of the spirit with them all.

  I guess this is the day to vent some of my feelings. These  twists and turns are hard and we need to recognize that these kinds of experiences are part of the process of learning those Christ like attributes of patience, tolerance, humility, meekness, faith, hope, love and etc. To me the greatest of these characteristics is love, to have the Pure Love of Christ is the ultimate goal. To love as the Savior loves. 

 My heart is full of love for all of you out there in blog land along with my friends, immediate and extended family. I know that all of you have had or will have similar experiences as those I have experienced this past week. This is what we signed up for. This is our life. It is important for us to learn these lessons. In order to  have in our hearts the pure love of Christ. Our day to day journey is the learning path for this very thing.

I am saddened by the loss of my Aunt. I have deep love for my cousin and his sweet wife and family. Losing a mother is never easy. Last week our friends lost their 3 year old son following open heart surgery. Losing a child is probably one of the worst of life experiences for a parent. This too has weighted heavily on my heart.  I have concern and compassion for the pain that my husband is experiencing. These past two days and last week were learning days where I have had to exercise patience, faith, love, understanding and compassion. Of course, in between all of this I have also felt a little anger and frustration.  
I  am grateful to know that there is a divine plan for all. I believe in the "Plan of Salvation". This life is a gift from our loving Heavenly parents and our Savior, Jesus Christ. This path does not end with death. I believe in Eternal Life  and I know that I will see again those loved ones that have passed on into the Spirit World. 
These are my  heartfelt thoughts today.
One of my favorite scriptures is found in Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 "And whoso areceiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go bbefore your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my cSpirit shall be in your hearts, and mine dangels round about you, to bear you up". This is a scripture that brings me great comfort


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